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On Program Today Wed 5/23

Its going to be full hot sun today, and I am so on the beach with a book, lunch and lots of water.

I was out to a friends for dinner last nite, and they knowing that I'm on WW'ers, they cooked specailly for me, wasn't that great??

They made shrimp wrapped in bacon and grilled it, it was soooooo good.
along with that was broccoli, and a yellow rice, belive it or not maybe the whole meal was 7 points, they tried to talk me into a dessert, but I wouldn't budge, and my girlfriend, said
Come on cheat day.

I said, ha, one cheat goes into a bender, so I wasn't going there, I don't think she understood my thinking, but thats ok shes not supposed to. As long as I know what I am and who I am.. thats what matters, this is about ME... Selfish, no, its self caring..........

Thin people just don't understand us at all...

Today I am on program....... 100%

Re: On Program Today Wed 5/23

thats great that your friend cooked for you Tobe
great job on turning down dessert too!

i'm OP today right w/ya! its my "light" day, I wi after work....so we'll see what the scale shows

Re: On Program Today Wed 5/23

Good Luck Linda

I'll be thinking of you today.......

Re: On Program Today Wed 5/23

What an awesome empowering post. That's just great to hear how you made your choices and stuck to them. Great work!

Re: On Program Today Wed 5/23

OP and sitting here planning my dinners for the next few days, i am working all daylight( 7am or earlier) for the next 5 days, so i try and plan at least days ahead. Lunch is not a problem cause i pack it.

Supportive friends are great to have
I agree Tobe, thin people dont think like we do. But i love thin people( who were in our shoes) who use to think like we did, because that is what we are all striving for, to think,thin. They understand. But,I dont really understand people who say. aww come on, cheat, one bite wont hurt you. As You said Tobe, its ok that that dont "get it".
THIN people can take one bite and be happy and satisfied. They would never say to an alcoholic or drug addict, aww come on, one beer,wont hurt........i considering obesity a disease,an addiction.
Sorry for getting off track here on Your thread Tobe.