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Back in the element...

Well, Zac and I came home from the hospital yesterday. We arrived there Monday morning at 8:45 AM and left Tuesday afternoon at about 12:45 PM. I, of course, stayed with him. He enjoyed all of the attention and not having to share me with his two brothers. I enjoyed our time together too.

He's quite the little trooper. He's doing quite well hobbling around on his crutches, but he is bored out of his mind.

He has to have this cast on for 2 weeks and then they'll remove it and his stiches and then put another cast on for 2 more weeks. So not too bad, only 4 weeks and he's supposed to be back to normal.

As for me, I have been worn out. I did manage to move it on Monday morning before going to the hospital but that was the last time, which means I took 2 days off in a row, something I try to NEVER EVER do! So I am back in my element OP today and I will begin posting my Move It threads again starting tomorrow.

I'll get up and do my morning routine, get my oldest off to school and then on to the gym from there.

So, are you guys ready to be motivated to get up and MOVE??? I hope so, 'cause this is your warning starting tomorrow everyone will get their daily reminders again!

Uki, thanks for posting in my absence. I know I used to hate exercise and what really motivated me to start exercising was hearing others talking about it. That is my hope for you all that I can motivate you to start moving. Just remember, we aren't marathon runners so there is no need to race in your workout, any moving is better than nothing at all.


Re: Back in the element...

Dear Tammy,

Glad to see you and Zac are back home.

Maybe while Zac is so bored he can write or dictate a note to us?
He can find healthy recipes on the internet for JeanCat.

He can look up torn tendons or ligaments and healing.

He can read about surgery and the education that the doctors had to have who performed his.

Any way maybe that will give him a few ideas to start.

Thanks for sharing so much,
It put much into perspective for me.


Re: Back in the element...


You and your family have very much been in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad you are home and that Zac is on the mend.

Please don't feel badly for taking a few days off. Those couple days, you were very needed and you needed to do whatever was necessary to care for Zac and the rest of your family.

I am glad to have helped out with the posts.

Welcome back! We missed you.


Re: Back in the element...

I'm glad things are getting back to " normal" again and Zac is doing goos.
Love Lorraine.

Re: Back in the element...

Thanks everyone! JeanCat, that is a good idea. I'll have to see about having Zac do some of those things. I'll also have him write a post soon. I know that everyone that sent him a message last week really made him feel good and "safe" as he called it!

He's wanting to go to school on Friday (today for me already!). I am not sure if he is going to go or not. DH and I have been waking up every 4 hours and giving Zac pain meds so that the pain won't start in and be out of control. Thursday was the first day that he didn't complain of pain like clock work when it was time for his meds. I would like to see him stay home for at least another day. They have Monday off for the holiday so that would give him until Tuesday, but he is extremely bored and he misses his friends. It's a tough call so I guess I'll decide in the morning depending on how he feels and how he does through the night. I am waiting up to give him his meds at 12:30 and then off to bed I'll go. I woke up on my own this morning at about 4:30 which was precisely the time that he was to take his pain meds! I think God woke me up 'cause I don't normally wake up on my own at that time.

Anyway, Thanks again to everyone! Look for a thread from Zac again soon!
Luv, Tammy