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On Program today THursday 5/25

I'll be on program today, even tho I'm heading on the beach for the day.
My plan is on my journel, I'll have a good breakfast here, and take my lunch with me, along with some watermelon...

It feels so good to put on a bathing suit, and strut the beach, without a cover up on..

All the work on self was so worth it, when I was struggling with small losses weekly .2 .8 where I couldn't get that scale to give me a pound, I didn't give up, I just stayed in the day, and moved on.

I remember my leader saying to me, if I took off .2 for 52 weeks thats about a 27 lb loss. when she said that it made it easier for me not to quit.
Quitting i know real well. but I didn't.

so today, I will once again stay on program!!!!!!

Re: On Program today THursday 5/25

yep i'm w/ya Tobe!

those small losses add up in the end

OP it is for me!!

Re: On Program today THursday 5/25

OP for me too. I'm going to a Cincinnati Reds game tonight, but I plan on eating before I go and I'll take some snacks with me. If I get anything, it will probably just be a bottled water. I'll save enough points for a hotdog just in case I REALLY need one while I'm there. :)

Re: On Program today THursday 5/25

Got up early before leaving for work at 630 AM, ate breakfast and packed my lunch/water. Counted my points and planned for the rest of the day.

OP and proud to be.

Re: On Program today THursday 5/25

i'm op today, had a fiber one bar and skim milk for bkfst and that yummy steak & cheese sandwich from aimee's recipes (i love it!)and carrots w/ light ranch for lunch. thinking about chicken & dumplins for dinner. have this recipe from southern living( and you cant go wrong with that)that are quick and you can make very low fat, very good too!

Re: On Program today THursday 5/25

Tobe...Thanks so much for the reminder that it really is worth it!! I'm sure that it does feel very good to strut your stuff on the beach knowing how hard that you worked for it. I think that we all go thru moments when we wonder if all the point counting, planning, meetings,losing the fraction-of-a-lb , etc... IS really worth it and consider slinking back into our old, easy bad habits...but nothing could beat that walking -down-the-beach (or for most of the- street) FEELING!!!! Whooh-hooo!! Let's all visualize Tobe when we are tempted to cave. I will be struttin someday too.. Right behind ya, girl!

Re: On Program today THursday 5/25

OP for today!

I am going to always remember:
"I took off .2 for 52 weeks thats about a 27 lb loss" Thanks for that one Tobe!

I have not been posting much about being OP on a daily basis in a week or two. So I need to get back to posting my OP.