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Filling in for Tammy one more day - MOVE it!

Tammy is out for one more day caring for Zac, so you get your substitute. LOL Please don't treat me like a substitute teacher and torture me.

Anyway, here is your gentle reminder that the day is still young and there is plenty of time to get some exercise. Earn some Ap's and get your body moving. You'll feel better and will do something good for your health.

I walked this morning and will take my bike ride later. I had a South Beach cereal bar for breakfast and will have a SBD wrap for lunch. We went out for Italian food last night and I did fine, but it was still more than I would have eaten here at home. I used about 15 points from my WPA. No guilt - that is what they are there for and I usually don't use all my AP's either. Still I will eat more lightly today to balance things out. Definitely retaining water though - my rings are tight. Yuck.

Have a great OP day. I am committed to stay OP today! Sometimes just saying that makes me stick to it better.