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Forgot to post this AM! MOVE IT!

Thanks Uki for posting in my absence again!! I was so excited to get back to the gym today that I forgot to post my MOVE IT thread! I had a GREAT time at the gym today and was so happy to get back in my element again! I think my workout partners missed me too!
I hope you all moved it today and if not it is not too late! Get up and shake your groove thang!

Re: Forgot to post this AM! MOVE IT!

No problem - glad to help out!

I walked, and rode my bike. I stayed OP - SBD cereal bar for breakfast and SBD wrap for lunch. I was starving today!! I had breakfast at the usual time, and then when it was lunch time, I wasn't hungry and had to take DS #1 to the doctor for an ear infection/sinus infection. Of course, as we are on our way, I get hungry!! No food in the van, so I had to wait until I got home. I thought about picking something up while I was out, but I didn't want to blow things with fast food, and all CVS had in the way of protein bars were the real high points ones. So I got home and wolfed my wrap at 4p. A cereal bar in the am and all that exercise just doesn't cut it for me! LOL

Dinner tonight is fish and a baked sweet potato. I have the extra points saved for a Breyer's 100 cal ice cream cup with SF chocolate syrup. I can't wait!! If I get that excited over ice cream, I need to get a life.


Re: Forgot to post this AM! MOVE IT!

I WALKED by myself for 45 minutes at 12:30 AM (yes past midnight because my friend was unable to join me as she was getting ready for camping.

So proud of myself! a little victory!

I owe much to this site for the exercise and move it threads! Thanks Tammy, Uki and every one for all of your psots. I chose not to read the exercise threads for a long time. Then I began to open them and read here and there. The next thing I knew I was walking when I had written that I hate exercise. Actually I still do! :) but I do miss it when I don't ! And that is a first!

So thanks for it ALL!