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the destination-less journey

One of the things I find hardest about the weight-loss process is what to do once you reach goal. I'm type-A so I'm pretty much crap without a goal. However, a healthy lifestyle's a lifetime commitment- chockfull of crises, events, holidays, and other things that can compromise healthy choices. I still set mini-goals for myself(my newest one being six-pack abs!) but what I really want is for all this to be second nature. I want to get a plate of food and naturally eat enough to fill me. I want to walk into the supermarket and find the fruit more enticing than the ice cream, I want to say no to a piece of cake a bbq not because I'm trying to stick to my points but because I'm just not in the mood for cake at the moment. Does anyone know what I mean or have had any experience? Can we re-train our brains like we re-train our bodies?

Re: the destination-less journey

Hi Mandee
I can just share with you what works for me
I'm at goal now infact I'm 3 lbs under WW goal.
Today I still stick to a plan, but parties and supermarkets do get easier.
I can pass that pc of cake or ice cream and choose fruit instead,
A size 10 jean and a medium top means more to me than food... I have to say to myself is it worth it, and I have to answer with a no...

In time we can re-program ourselves to think thin.

Re: the destination-less journey

omg mandee, i am so there with you!i know exactly what you're saying.i don't think we will ever want that fruit more than ice cream, no matter how bad we want to. but, we can just be extra proud of ourselves when we choose the right things and find smart ways to have our ice cream and eat it too!

Re: the destination-less journey

Some day I hope to be able to pass up the cake and such at parties. I am working on that. It is very difficult for me, but I am getting better.

Thanks for sharing,