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Friday!!! Did you shake your grove thang this week???

Hello everyone!

Well, just for today, I decided since I was up after midnight that I'd go ahead and post our Move It thread so that I wouldn't forget about it. I'm so tickled that Zac is well enough for me to be able to be back in my routine. I always stress about my workout routine whenever something is thrown my way that involves a change in schedule or even me being out of town. That's one reason why I joined the YMCA. I can take my membership to almost any YMCA and use it there. So I don't have to worry about running around the neighborhoods of the people I am visiting if it is cold, hot, raining, or snowing!

I decided this time around that I'll never quit. I'll never quit exercising and I'll never quit eating healthy. Sure I'll splurge from time to time, but I'll never wander off the path never to find my way again. I have worked too hard!

I encourage you all to get up and move today. If it is hot where you are then think about working out first thing in the morning before the high heat of the day hits. You may even like to take a walk with your significant other (hubby, wife, girl or boyfriend, the dog/s, the kid/s, a friend, a parent, whomever! Make it fun. The more I workout with others the easier it is for me to get it done!

Let us know what you did this week. Even if you only got to move it one time this week, that is something! You have to start somewhere. My WW leader said that when she started WW she was also smoking ALOT! So in addition to being heavy, she was also a heavy smoker. She said she litterally could not make it past her neighbor's mailbox when she first started walking. She gradually built herself up and now she routinely exercises and does high paced exercise. What an inspiration!

Move it! And have fun!

Re: Friday!!! Did you shake your grove thang this week???

I have gotten my workout in for today! Walking and bicycling are all done. We will pack this afternoon and evening for our camping trip. We leave first thing tomorrow - camping in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. That's the home of the Mothman for those of you who have seen the movie The Mothman Prophecies, with Richard Gere. I'll let you know if we see him. LOL The kids are excited, and we have to take the parakeet with us. I feel a bit like the Beverly Hillbillys packing all this goofy stuff!

Ao I will check the board when we get back - most likely on Tuesday. I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Relax, enjoy yourself, and stay OP the best you can!


Re: Friday!!! Did you shake your grove thang this week???

Thanks Tammy! Today I incorporated some new ab moves. I'm doing one of those fitness magazine challenges. Theoretically I should have six-pack abs by June 30th....

We'll just see about that, though it'll be fun trying!