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On Program today Friday 5/25 Memorial Day Weekend

Well its buzzing down here at the Jersey Shore, everyone is getting ready for the mobs to start this week-end, We who live here dread this time of year, when the beaches become a mob scene.
We still have really one full month of no tourists, it really begins when the schools are closed.

Today is a perfect day to stay OP as its going to hit 90, and yes for sure its a beach day, with my 3 pt wrap in hand as I head there to have my lunch.

Tonites looks like a great nite for a big Salad with 1 cup of chicken, eating is lite when its that hot and humid.
Time to crank up the Central Air,to keep my dogs cool.

So yes, today, I will be OP 100%...

Re: On Program today Friday 5/25 Memorial Day Weekend

i'm here too....being OP all weekend. might not get a chance to come online much this weekend..but planning on working out tomorrow..and taking my daughter to the park on Sunday.

Re: Re: On Program today Friday 5/25 Memorial Day Weekend

On Program today:
2 small baked potatoes
with melted soy cheddar
FF Feta Cheese
FF Sour cream with 1/2 tsp of ICBINB spray poured into the sour cream.

One cup TJ's Green Ice Tea with Spearamint. Love it!

Hoping some of last weeks gain will come off. But if it doesn't I have a life time ahead of me ...

I expect tospend all ofthe weekend at my sister's which is 2 hours away and in holiday traffic about 3! WITH my 93 yr old mom. Sunday will be bath/Shower day.
We are always concerned with that day since she ended up in the hospital after the one two weeks ago. It took so much out of her. But last week was a success, since we have the oxygen for her now.

So no big party or plans, but graced with her being with us. Some scrabble if she feels up to it and some canasta. I will try to do some healthy cooking too!

Have a new book: 1001 ways to make soups, chiles and such. Going to tear into that thing too!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Re: On Program today Friday 5/25 Memorial Day Weekend

I hope you enjoy being with your mom and sister, Jeancat...I would love to plan Canasta with you....haven't played in years...You'd probably have to teach me all over again. I use to play canasta with my Mom when she use to come and visit from Fl..

Have a nice weekend everyone....I have to work as usual but hope to rest on Monday....


Re: On Program today Friday 5/25 Memorial Day Weekend

Thanks Patty!

Well I hope to someday catch a plane, surprise you and play with you. I know about 3 versions! Mom taught us when we wer very young (I was 5 if you can imagine that!).

You have a nice weekend too Patty! Sorry you have to work. Did you say that you work handing out samples of food? Was that you? I don't know how you do it!

But I am glad to know you have Monday off!


PS Happy Memorial Day to EVERYONE!