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TV Shows

Since we were talking about Grey's Anatomy yesterday, I was just wondering what shows everyone plans on watching this summer?

I plan on watching:

Hell's Kitchen
So You Think You Can Dance
America's Got Talent
and Big Brother (if it's on)

Re: TV Shows

I don't think it will be untill the fall, but I know you have seen those caveman commercials with gieco, "its so easy a caveman could do it". Well they have a new show comming on ABC. I get a kick out of how they make them look so ... un less attractive. But anyway I plan on watching that when it comes. TV is just not what it used to be though.

Re: TV Shows

Well I love biggest loser and I think that is coming back in Aug. other than that the shows I love are
deadliest catch
house hunters
csi:las vegas
sometimes ugly betty
and desperate housewives

Re: Re: TV Shows

I heard about this coming too! I think it will be cute. So I am waiting for this one.

I was hoping they would do the monkeys from career builder.


Re: TV Shows

Aimee i seen Hell's Kitchen last season 1 time and i loved it, but i worked alot of nights last year so i never seen it. I tend to like a show then forget what night it is on :(.

I do watch:
Deadliest Catch ( not hard "catching" that show cause it is always repeated during the week)
A few shows on Bravo including "Working Out"

Do not really watch prime time shows on the major networks. I think the list of shows i dont watch is longer than the shows i do watch.

Re: TV Shows

I'm personally hoping for Big Brother! I'm hooked on that. Other than that, I can't think of anything. Most of what I enjoy watching are only repeats during the summer that I have already seen.