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Need a helpful favor

Hello everyone, I was on WW several years ago but due to family issues and the such I stopped going to the meetings. Now that life is better for me I want to start using the WW plan for weight loss. Unfortunately, I am not able to pay for meetings but I do have all of my WW kit. I just read an article that in Dec, 2006 WW revamped their daily points allowance system. Can someone explain and perhaps share their allowance chart with me? My e-mail: cjblank@nc.rr.com Thanks so much!

Re: Need a helpful favor

Gee I wish I could help you out, but I don't have that starter book any longer..

I know with the revamped program I lost a point, so I'm still doing the old one.
I only get 22 pts a day, but now I should be doing 20 cause I'm under 150 lbs.

Maybe somebody else will come along and show you what the new book is about...

Good Luck and hang around this is a great site, well better than great its fabulous...

Re: Need a helpful favor

Dear CJB,

When I get home tonight about 11 pm Ca time I will email you the TEST that you take to see what your personal daily points are. The program points that Tobe mentioned should get you started. Remember that many people have lost wt on that program. So it does work.
I will send you the test so that you can determine your personal points.

there are sites also that you can use to help count points. But on the average every 50 points is 1 point. But to be exact one must use a counter which takes into consideration fat and fiber.

If you would like for me to purchase and send you a portable battery operated counter, let me know.

send email to rxjm2002@yahoo.com


Re: Need a helpful favor

It sounds like You have Your "points finder", i have 3 of them. My first one is oldddddddddddddd but sturdy, i use it the most, the new one is so flimsy, i dont like using it. The 3rd on i have is on my desktop, i downloaded it somewhere

The test( or Your Personal Daily Points Target) are based on if You are male/female, Your age.current weight,how tall you are. and how do you spend most of Your day.

Mine is:
female 2 points
age 48-58 1 point ( i am 49)
Weight,use the first 2 digits- 20- (current weight is 200.
How tall- 5'7- 1 point
How do you spend most of your day- occasionally sitting down,but mainly standing---4 points

++Add all points together for daily target.

So my daily points Target is 26

So for each ten pounds you lose you go down in points.
I started off with 28 points when i weighed 227.

JeanCat has lots of info that i am sure will help you( pss read her "New finds" thread)

BTW, welcome to the family of "losers", CJB.

Re: Need a helpful favor

WW Personal Daily Points Target

Source of Recipe

Recipe Introduction
This is just a guideline,,, It's not a exact science
List of Ingredients
Your Personal Daily Points Target

1. Are you:
Female?.........score 2
Male?...........score 8
Female and Breastfeeding?.....score 12

2. How old are you?
17-26..............score 4
27-37..............score 3
38-47..............score 2
48-58..............score 1
over 58............score 0

3. What do you weigh?
Enter the 1st 2 digits of your weight in pounds.

4. How tall are you?
under 5'1.........score 0
5'1 to 5'10.......score 1
over 5'10.........score 2

5. Do you spend most of your day:
sitting down?........score 0
example,(tied to a desk, not active at all)

Occasionally sitting, but mainly standing?..... score 2
example, cashier jobs, some teaching jobs, some factory jobs, mothers with older children. (jobs where you stand mostly)

Walking most of the time?......score 4
example, waitress, college students, nurses, mothers with young children. (you are doing more walking than standing)

Doing physically hard work most of the time?
...score 6
example, physical labor, construction jobs, factory jobs, (not the normal easy jobs)

6. Do you want to:
Lose weight?...........score 0
Maintain your current weight?....score 8

If your numbers add up to more than 44, you only eat the 44, and if the number is lower than 18, you eat the 18.

on number 5.. Note: Daily activity level examples were from our meeting leaders. Choose the one that is closet to what you do. try it for a couple weeks. then review how you're doing. you can always go back and change it.

This quiz just a guideline,,, It's not a exact science

If you don't like the new way to figure the points, and you're happy with your weight loss before this quiz. Then it's you're choice to stay on those points.
Do the program that works best for you.

Re: Need a helpful favor

Thank you both Akus and Lorraine for your posting of the personal points system. I was at work on a break when I read the posts earlier today and could not have posted the 'test' as my booklet was at home. But I am so very glad that you were able to help CJB so quickly.

CJB my offer to pick up and mail a battery operated point calculator stands. Just email me.


Re: Need a helpful favor

What a great support group!! Thank you so much for all the helpful information. So that you can know me better, I am from North Carolina, age 51 (almost), have had gastric bypass surgery in 2005 (which I lost 105 lbs and now in better health due to the surgery) but I want to lose another 100. Before surgery I weighed 405, now weigh 300, goal 200. I don't regret having the surgery because my diabetes was getting worse and now I am down to only a half pill a day. If you have questions about the surgery, I will be glad to talk with with you or e-mail you. E-mail me your phone number and I will be glad to call you. I have the Time Warner telephone service so it doesn't cost me extra on long distance. My 19 year old son is also overweight so he and I are going to do the WW program together. We will be able to motivate each other.

I look forward to reading your statements on this discussion board. Happy Memorial Day!!!

Re: Re: Need a helpful favor

Thank you for the introduction CJB and the private email.

I am 52. I have had multiple health issues of the last two years that have 'scared'me into loosing wt. I am in process of preventing diabetes or slowing down the onset. Thank you for sharing and for motivating me and your son! :)