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Day #14 of The Beck Diet Solution....(train your brain to think like a thin person)

Day #14....Plan for Tomorrow....

'Plan and monitor yuor eating in writing every day.'
This means you are going to take a tablet, small spiral notebook (I get mine at walmart for $1.00 or less), or anything else you can keep track of each day and keep them bound together..You can even use notecards and keep them in a recipe keeper box. Anything will do as long as you keep them together just in case you want to look back and see what you had to eat on a certain day...I weigh myself every morning,(some like to weigh once a week) and I write it on the top corner of that day... The day before you are going to PLAN, (yes, I said, plan) what you are going to eat for meals and snacks....If you are going to follow weigh watchers then you know how many points you can have for the day..If you are going to just eat healthy, then you know how many fruits, veggies, etc, that you plan to eat..This sounds like it is a lot of trouble but stop and think about how many times we just grab and go, eating something that is not on our diet plan...This way if you start to grab something that isn't written down, you need to stop and think about do you really want to break your meal plan for the day????....
Here is what you are going to accomplish...
1. Makes you think and get prepared for the next day.
2. Makes you plan when you will eat and what.
3. Eliminate spontaneous eating...
4. Tolerate occasional hunger and cravings and learn that you CAN withstand them.
5. Make decisions about eating before you encounter temptations..makes it easier to stop and think about your diet plan and hopefully decline...

'Once I accept the fact that I have to write a food plan every evening for the next day, dieting will be easier.'

Ok, start thinking about what you are going to eat tomorrow for your new food plan...It only takes a minute and it keeps you from making lots of wrong decisions...It really doesn't take that long, and it will make you feel much more in control tomorrow...Don't forget raw veggies make good between meal snacks..Drink at least 8 glasses of water, exercise, and read the Response card...Don't tell me you forgot already what that is??? Remember...all the reason YOU want to lose the weight that you printed on an index card...read it several times a day.....You have to remember what it will mean to YOU.. when you can get to the end of your journey....



Next will be Day #15...Monitor Your Eating....

Re: Day #14 of The Beck Diet Solution....(train your brain to think like a thin person)

Dear Patty,

Thank you again for the postings of Beck's Diet.

I must admit when I committed to WW and getting healthy at the first of the year, I was so diligent about preparing and writing stuff in advance. I also lost more readily.

As time went on I prepared less. And there was a 'sloppy' time I had to contend with back in early March just before I got here. So I have to agree that preparation is the best defense in this 'game of life'.

When I leave each weekend to go to my sister's for th e weekend to spend with my 93 yr old mom and sister's family, I take lots of things like soy crisps, canned salmon, Lite Thomas English Muffins, canned soups,FF cream cheese, FF cheese etc. I mainly do this because I want to make sure I have something when she brings out the chips and dip or ??? I also can have a meal if she makes something I don't want to spend my points on or if it is not on my food plan. I do not allow myself real cheese or very much red meat
because of cholesterol. I am a walking stroke ready to happen.

Thank you for this great discussion on Preparation and journaling BEFORE you bite not after.

I think it is only fair also to point out that we can not always perpare when we attend weddings, parties showers etc. Yes we can bring a dish or other items when the gathering is informal and permits, but there WILL be times in our life when wwe just can not prepare. I think that is when a lecture on NOT YIELDING to temptation would be GREAT. Hopefully WW or Becks will attempt to address this issue. Some what it has. But I am hoping for more lecture on

Thank you again for your time and effort.
As always looking forward to your next posting.


Re: Day #14 of The Beck Diet Solution....(train your brain to think like a thin person)

Jeancat,thanks for letting me know you are reading my posts and enjoying them...Hope they help. They have helped me, I've lost almost 5 lbs. since I started reading the book...I haven't changed what I eat..I just eat them at different times. I use to eat every 3 hrs or so...something, but still within my points. I now eat more points at each meal and once in awhile I will have an evening snack...I find I'm not nearly as hungry as when I ate every 2or 3 hrs....I was always thinking of what I would eat next..Even though The Beck book doesn't say how to eat...I just decided to try it and see what happened....It's been almost a month and I'm still not snacking...that's a miracle in itself.....


Re: Re: Day #14 of The Beck Diet Solution....(train your brain to think like a thin person)

You are most welcome!

Funny thing is I attended a WW meeting on Sat at 11:30 AM and again at 4PM, AFTER I had written my day 14 response and low and behold WW does discuss the unexpected! Expect the unexpected the challenges. I will be discussing this on my topic ending Sat May 26, 07 thread.

Thanks again! Glad to hear no snacking is working for you.
I have to admit I went from no eating all day and a late night munch out, to snacking 3 times a day and 2 meals. I felt better and my blood sugar was better, my bp went down due to eating healthier. BUT I am thinking of food all the time and when and what I will eat. Much of that is because of poor planning which WW addressed this week's meeting. I purchase the right foods but do not necessarily plan 100%. and yet we must expect the unexpected, it just does not have to be on a daily basis.

You are welcome. It is very important that one get feedback from their posts or threads. In addition it is very important that we take the time to thank the person who has helped us with their time, energy and postings. It's called giving back.



Re: Re: Re: Day #14 of The Beck Diet Solution....(train your brain to think like a thin person)

Once again WW and Beck's go hand in hand!