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Just wanted to share

Hi everyone! I had to share that I just came home from the mall and (drumroll please) I went down 2 pants sizes AND I bought an XL blouse from the JUNIORS section. OMG!!!!! I feel terrific!
So even though I gained weight the previous week and lost 1.2 this week, my body has really changed shape.
I just had to share, I know you girls can relate!!!

P.S. Aimee, I think you might have missed my posting on Thursday WI. I'm sorry, I live in CA and we go to an evening meeting so I don't get around to posting until after 8 or 9pm (my time). Have a great week!

Re: Just wanted to share

Dear Sharon!

Weigh to Go!(inches too!).

I am at the point where my old clothes are baggy or getting there and it is time to buy new clothes.

But going down a couple of sizes sure wouldfeel great!
er,,,,TERIFFIC as you put it!

So happy for you! Keep up the GREAT work!

I noticed you are in CA! where abouts? I am too! I am 8 miles from Disneyland up the street from Knott's Berry Farm. Sue lives in Orange Ca and Maajida lives in northern CA. I am thinking of trying to put together some type of gathering of the CA members. Would be nice to know where every Ca member lives to plan the best location and of course time.

Great 'going' ! (going... going... gone!:)


Re: Just wanted to share

Indeed it is a great feeling.

Re: Just wanted to share

I can so relate isn't that a great Feeling Sharon?

Yes it is. I slung out all my size 14 bathing suits and now i'm wearing a size 10.

Will I give this up, nope not today...

WW did this for me, and for that I'm totally grateful...