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How to get motivated and stay there

How does everyone do it?? Why is this so tough for me just to follow the WW plan? I KNOW I HAVE TO DO THIS so that alone should be enough to get the weight off.But I seem to not do it..I beat myself up daily wondering why I am not on plan.I am paying for it.On the scale and in the pocket book.I guess I need a miracle to loose this. Yet I know they do not exist.What keeps you all going??

Re: How to get motivated and stay there

Determination has done it for me this time around.

In oct of 06 I felt so fat, so uncomfortable where I didn't want to put clothes on let alone go outside the house, (I've never been an isolater) didn't want to put make-up on or a stitch of jewerly, and that is so not me..

I made up my mind to go back to WW, thats the only thing that did and still does work for me.

When I went back and signed back up AGAIN! I vowed to myself to do it, no matter what.

Thank Goodness I only had 23.8 to get off to get back to goal AGAIN, even tho I'm 5'5" i still can't carry that extra 23 odd lbs, my back began to hurt, I was sluggish and just felt like crap.

It took about 5 solid months to get the weight off, I did hit goal, and went below it,

I still have daily determination to stay on this way of life, usually when I get where I am now, I stop WW meetings, and its back on a food tear.
Not this time around, no matter what I'm going every Tues morning for a WI and sit thru the meeting.

That means me sacrafing the beach for the day, but I think WW has to take its priority over me baking on the beach for 1 day.

Tomorrow I have a huge gathering to go to, so I'm bringing with me to keep me safe..

A WW pineapple angel food cake

1 box FF Angel Food Cake Mix
1 can of crushed pineapple in its own juice,
Mix the two ingredients together with an elec mixer


top with Lite Cool Whip and Fresh Strawberries.

No one will know the ingredients and I can keep myself safe and on program...

I will eat here brfore I go there....

Re: How to get motivated and stay there

Getting motivated was just something that hit me one day. I finally decided that I had had enough of being obese and unhealthy. I wanted more for me, and even more for my kids. I love the fact that my 7 yr old can completely wrap his arms around me and he says how much he loves being able to do that now. That is motivation to keep going!

One thing you may want to try is saying to yourself that you are going to try this program and truly stick to it for one week. Then each day when you wake up say ok, this is a new day and today I can stick to this program. So set a weekly goal for yourself of staying on program but then break it down into days. Also, do not look at the BIG picture of how much weight you have to lose right now. That will become too discouraging and you'll want to give up to easily. Instead make mini goals for yourself. For me, I look to the future to see what events are coming up, weddings, graduations, family reunions, family visits to my home, my mom coming from CA, and things like that I'll set up a goal for myself based on the time frame of that event. Make it a reasonable goal though so you won't get discouraged by setting your goals to high and not being able to achieve them. This is basically how I have done this the whole way. I have lost 80 pounds so far. I have about 5 more to go to get to WW goal, according to my last weigh in. It's not always easy, but you must plan ahead. Plan ahead when you're having family gatherings. Use Aimee's recipes to help you. I always try to take WW friendly food with me to any type of gathering that involves food. This really helps me.
You can do this. Just take it one day at a time and PLAN PLAN PLAN!

Re: How to get motivated and stay there

Dear Cheryl from MN,

For me it was my health. In April 2005 my left leg became three times larger than the right and I was a stroke candidate. Never before had I been ill other than a flu. I was so scared. With this came no ability to move, out of breath, edema, high blood pressuer. My doc did cholesterol and TRG tests to find that were so high that they could not be measured asthey were off the charts.
I made up my mind after one month of dieting on my own that I needed WW (this would be AGAIN for me too! as I first came to WW back in l974/75).
After loosing 14 pounds, I was able to walk and get around with out huffing and puffing. I thanked GOD and I continued for about 6 months of not not being too serious. I managed to stay the same wt during that time. Then I went of health foods again and gained all but 5 pounds back. In October 2006 I had another health scare with a lump, possible cancer , under my right arm, in the arm pit. HMO did not do a ultrasound and xray right away. So I had to wait until Christmas for the news! I was on antibiotics which helped, but it came back. Another set of Ab's and I was okay.But still scared. I vowed that after Christmas I was going to committ and this time for life.

It has not been easy, but not hard.
I stay motivated by being HERE, at the meetings, with a wt loss buddy, purchasing wt loss gadgets, books, low fat recipe books etc.

I hope you find the motivation that you need,and I do hope it is for good and that you never have to be faced with health issues.

I can honestly tell you that while my bp is close to normal, it is controlled via diet not drugs. I can tell you that I can walk to my care without huffing and puffing. And I just started walking three nights a week with my wt loss buddy. We walk 45 minutes per day. About 2 to 2.2 miles. Not a marathon, but for me it does not have to be. The fact that am moving is all that matters for now.

The site motivated me to move. Thanks to Akus, Tammy and many others.

I hope this has helped,
I'm rootin for ya....


Re: How to get motivated and stay there

i think the motivation we all share Cheryl is, we all just thought, "Enough is EnOUGH". I will be 50 next year, my DD's are still young,(13 & 14) but both overweight. I buy the food they eat, and who was i to say, they can only eat 1 serving of fries???.I was tired of barely being able to get out of the chair, turning blue as i tied my shoes, feeling my belly on my lap. Feeling the fat just jiggled as i walked. I would eat doughnuts and chocolate milk on my breaks at work and hope no one would see me buying them. There were alot of days i wanted to buy 2 cause they were so good. I knew for a few years, i had to get the weight off. I am also a re-joiner. It is just something one day that hit me that i had to rejoin, that WW is my lifestyle,no add-if's or but's. It has boasted my self esteem 100%

Re: How to get motivated and stay there

I know its hard, but I just take it one day at a time. I start every morning saying I'm going to follow the plan. Most days I'm very successful, other days...food wins. But I get back on that horse the next day. I think everyone is right when they say, you just get fed up with being fat. At the end of the day, I am the only one who put food in my mouth. IT IS NO ONE'S FAULT BUT MY OWN. I am in control of what I buy, cook and eat.
Like Akus, I feel awful realizing what I bought my kids every time I went to the store. I no longer buy soda or chips or cookies.
And like Tammy, just today my 12 year old hugged my waist and said, "Wow Mom, I can tell the difference."

I receive compliments at work and from family, but I know that can't be motivation enough, I'm truely SICK of being FAT. I guess that's my main motivation.
Good luck and stick with itone day at a time. You're worth it!!!

Re: How to get motivated and stay there

Tobe, I am interested in your Angle Food Cake recipe. How big is the can of pineapple? How many servings for how many points each? Thanks!

Re: How to get motivated and stay there

Easy as pie, but this is a cake LOL.......

I use the 20 0z can of crushed pineapple in its own juice. and 1 box of Duncan Hines Fat Free Angel Food Mix...........

I don't know how many it will serve, but I know its a 2 pt serving, you know a small pc, not a humungus slice..

When i took that to a gathering on Sun everyone went nuts over it, and they had no clue what it was made with, hey, it worked for me and my points for the day......

Re: How to get motivated and stay there

Cheryl i hope the weekend went well for you and you are OP with the rest of us today.

Not to change the subject of the thread, @pineapple cake, i have it at 12 servings 3 points, but that is using a 13 x 9 x 2 baking dish.

Re: How to get motivated and stay there

I cant make dessert like a cake because my family doesent eat dessert that much and I'll be left to clean it up..lol.. I havent had much sweet things in months and it hasent been that bad. I love candy and Easter was hard but I only had jelly beans. I have to think like Tobe.. no matter how good it feels when I eat it it isant worth me not being on plan and getting to goal.
The "Beck diet plan" book is amazing for me, I dont realy need it now but on maintaince I will. I feel its my future bible and path to permanent weight loss. Thankyou guys

Re: How to get motivated and stay there

I agree with you Lorraine...I'm 5 below my goal but you would think I would know it all....I sure don't..I still take it one day at a time..I have been doing a review on each day of The beck solution. This book has helped me more than anything else I have read....I was right at goal but since starting the book, I'm down 5 lbs...I read it slow, taking each day about every 2 or 3 days, giving me time to practice and think about it more...I lost the 50# before on Diet Workshop but was not able or willing to keep it off. I'm trying very hard to not repeat my mistakes of the past....