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On Program Sun 5/27

Today I plan on being on program,

I have a party this afternoon to go to, but...
I'll have lunch here before I go, so there will be no temptation..
I have WI on Tues, I usually keep Sun and Mon lite days with alot of water.

I don't expect a loss but thats ok, I have to start maintaining my weight now on a weekly basis.
So now this is it, When we do the WW program, we get to goal and then maintain it for a lifetime.

I know I can do it, as long as my weekly plan is to go sit in a WW meeting, that will keep my memory green as to how hard it was to get to goal this trip around..

Have a great Sunday, I know I plan to.....

Re: On Program Sun 5/27

Wishing you great maintenance Tobe!

I am on program and TRACKING everything!
6 dried figs = 1 pt
1/2 bag of Quaker BBQ Soy Crisps = 4 points
24 ounces of WW Decalf Peach Tea
Total so far (it was only 3 am!) = 5 points
Have 22 total so 17 left!

It's going to be a LONG day! :)

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


Re: On Program Sun 5/27

I plan on behaving today...I wasn't so great yesterday. I dipped into my extra 35 points, something I RARELY do. I went to work, then to my DB & DSIL's baby shower. The shower was catered with my absolute fav....Mexican food! THEN DH, DD's & I went to a baseball game after the shower...2 light beers, a hotdog and nachos! I really have trouble staying away from the JUNK at the ballpark.

TODAY: Another family Barbeque! At my DA's house.
I will eat bran creal and milk for brkfst-2pts.
Cottage cheese and peaches snack- 4pts.
Lean Cuisine for lunch-5pts
Hamburger with no bun, add veggies- 4pts.
couple of light beers-4pts
Lots and lots of water!
Will go swim in pool right now for AP's.
I wish everyone a BEAUTIFUL, SAFE, MEMORABLE day!!!

Re: On Program Sun 5/27

Sharon I definitely can relate! Those Ms Beasley's cookies kept calling me two weeks ago. I learned real fast that even though it did nto show up that next day on weigh in, it most likely showed up the next weigh in where I gained the 5 pounds, even though I was on program.

So what I learned is that the cookies with my name on them and the hot dog at the ballpark are the URGES that we must try to resist and to expect the unexpected and Prepare the best that we can.

Anyway I came there to document my next meal that I am on program:

1 Light Thomas English Muffin with FF cream cheese with 1 slice of Soy Mozzerella cheese melted on top of 8 thin slices of deli turkey topped off with a drizzel of BBQ sauce. Hm.. was really good.
I will have 3 more glasses of fluids, veggies and stay with in points for the day and week the rest of the day.

I can take this one meal at a time. I am planning.