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Memorial Day - Honoring our Veterans

What does it really mean besides BBQ's, Parties, Picnics a day off of work?

US Memorial Day

Honoring Our Veterans

Arlington Cemetary

Guard at Arlington Cemetary

An Arlington Memorial for
Captain Jon Edward Swanson – an example of one good man

A listing of American men and women killed in the Iraq war: MORE than a FEW good men and women:

Enjoy your freedom to do what you want this weekend, but take a moment to pay tribute to and celebrate the lives of those who served, fought and died for our contry.


Re: Memorial Day - Honoring our Veterans


Re: Memorial Day - Honoring our Veterans

Thank you for reminding us!

Re: Memorial Day - Honoring our Veterans

Jeancat, as a wife of an Active Duty Marine, I have to say thank you! That was nice of you to take your time to list all of those very important sites.

My dh has been to the war and back, but my heart goes to all of those families that never get to say that their loved ones came back. So thank you thank you for helping us to remember all those who came before us and those that are fighting for us now.

We may not all agree on the war, but one thing is for sure we all should support our troops regardless of how we feel about the war or our President.

My MIL gave me a great idea. She told me to have my kids plant a tree or something of the sort each year on Memorial Day in memory of all of the lost troops. Of course, she didn't share this great idea until yesterday so it didn't happen this year, but I think it would be a great tradition to start with my boys. I may even start a perennial garden in honor of all fallen troops.

Anyway, thanks again!

Re: Re: Memorial Day - Honoring our Veterans

Dear Tammy,

You are most welcome!
I placed the memorial on my two educations sites as well.
I never thought about my views of the war or the president when I made and posted it. I was only thinking of the lost souls who fought and died for our freedom....like you said.

Veterans Day is just as important!

Well Tammy I think your children are probably small enough that they may not put together the dates!
What I am saying is this: there is NO time like the present! So I say plant the tree, shrub or flowers! Hope they are there next Memorial Day and if not a good excuse to plant some more! what really matters is your shared time and values imparted to your children than the actual day it is done! May it next weekends project! Who says we can only memorialize on one day a year anyway! Teaching them that WITH you by their side is the biggest gift you can give them! YOUR VALUES!

Besides that you said your husband is STILL active! If so....I'd say plant it! Is he home or overseas right now?