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Jeancat’s Favorites # 8 May 27, 2007

Trader Joe’s Asian Style Chicken For lettuce Wraps.
3.5 servings.
Each serving is 2 Tbsp of seasoned chicken
calories only 80

Fat = 5 grams
Fiber = 1
ONLY Points = 2

Total package:
Cals = 280
Fat = 15
Fiber = 3
Points = 7

Note: Can be considered high is sodium at 300mg/ serving or 1050 mg or 1.05 grams of sodium. Recall Low sodium diet is less than 2 grams or 2000 mg per day. So if you plan to eat the whole package as I did, you must know it is ½ of daily low sodium allotment.

Drink lots of fluid!

Enjoy JeanCat

Re: Jeancat’s Favorites # 8 May 27, 2007

Trader Joe’s Soy & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips and Salsa
7 chips triangular and large
package = 12 servings
Cals = 130
Fat = 8
Fiber = 4
ONLY Points = 2 perserving

Total package = 35
Cals = 1560
Fat = 56
Fiber = 28

FYI: Sodium = ONLY 50mg!!!!

My great pizza snack/meal:
½ can of NO SALT tomato Paste = 90 cals no fat no fiber (2 pts)
Fresh garlic chopped
Pizza spices, Italian seasoning or oregano
Mix and Spread on top of a Boboli pizza crust (8pts)
Top with soy mozzerella or FF mozzerella (1 point)
The Good Deli Veggie/Soy Peperoni ¼ package = Cals 437.5 Fat =0 1.88 Fiber Pts = 8

Total = 19points
½ pizza = 9.5 points

Want it CHEAPER?
Use ONE Light Thomas English Muffin Split into two halves
Half of the sauce and topping for each English Muffin

Total points = 6.5 points for 1 Thomas Eng muffing pizza split into two halves
13 for both !

Enjoy JeanCat

Re: Jeancat’s Find # 8 May 27, 2007

Jean Cats Great Find!

I MUST have DECAF coffee and teas
I thought the NEW WW Peach Tea Water flavors were regular caffeinated tea But they are DECAF and GREAT! Thanks to the 4pm Leader who made the announcement I will be buying them

A NEW way fo drinking water for me! Will help me on my Summer of Success Self - Challenge I am sure. It tastes great!

Drink up!


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Re: Jeancat’s Favorites # 8 May 27, 2007

Thanks for those updated links JeanCat. Great that English Muffins are more than just for breakfast & i also use,
The Good Deli" Products.

Re: Jeancat’s Favorites # 8 May 27, 2007

Speaking of Good Deli products and other soy products: I was reviewing the CORE foods list and I noticed that there are no soy products or only one soy product on the list that is an all you can eat when you are hungry food item. What gives? How are vegetarians supposed to eat? Just wondering becsause I am eating more and more soy products. Love Soyriso.

Help? anyone?


Re: Jeancat’s Favorites # 8 May 27, 2007


I am a newbie! I just wanted to say that I appreciated this information and thread. I have been going the many of the links. What a great resource!

I feel at home. I have tried many of AIMEE's recipes before and they are quite good. But this is the first time I have ever posted. I have been lurking and reading posts here and there.

I probably won't be posting often, but I wanted to let you know how much your ideas have helped me.

Thank you again.

Re: Re: Jeancat’s Favorites # 8 May 27, 2007

Hello jaymar!

Thank you! Glad that you are getting something out of the posts and links. I really like to search for weight loss pertinent information.

AIMEE has a wonderful site! Welcome to the site!

Stick around your going to love it.


Re: Jeancat’s Favorites # 8 May 27, 2007

Welcome Jaymar....glad you decided to post...Glad to hear that you are finding something to help you..Come back often and let us know how you are doing....