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On Program today Memorial Day 5/28

No parties today for me.
I'm waiting for the sun to rise so I can get on the beach for the day,

I did eat at that party nothing too terribly drastic, a few hot wings, and one Pork Sparerib....

I haven't gotten on the scale yet, so I don't know if I did any damage or not, but today I will stay within my points, and get a lot of water in....

WI tomorrow for me, hoping to stay the same, and not a gain..
but it will be whatever it will be.

Today I'm OP 100%...................

Re: On Program today Memorial Day 5/28

We're going to a cookout (actually leaving here in a few minutes). I have no idea what kind of food will be there, but I'm sure I can find something to eat. I'm taking a 7 layer dip and some baked tostidos, so I know I can have that, but I don't want to just have that all day. LOL! Hope everyone is having a great day!

Re: On Program today Memorial Day 5/28

Well I had my 6 glasses of fluid yesterday! Yeah!
But overdid on the menu at our Thanksgivving dinner!

On program today so far with
Scrambled Egg beater sandwich with FF mozzerella
Two oatmeal pkgs with Splenda
14 TJ Soy & Flaxseed Chips and 1/4 cup FF salsa

My day has just begun and I only have 10 points left!

But am very determined today!

ON Program, heading for a successful summer.


Re: On Program today Memorial Day 5/28

I'm totally OP today and all the hard work is paying off. I have just bought some new clothes and I'm throwing out all my big clothes. I bought some 12's last month and they are getting big so I got 1 pair of size 10 pants and I'm thrilled. I was a 14 before the 30 1b loss. I have 20 more to go but you can go from 14 to 6 -8 without anything in between. I am a thrifty shopper so I'm not wasting$$.
Tonite I'm having grilled chicken and I'm making the family ribs and fresh corn and a salad.
Thankyou all for this site its wonderful.

Re: On Program today Memorial Day 5/28

You go girl!! I know how you feel. I have felt wonderful this whole weekend. I've been in a pool everyday, tanning and exercising. I weighed and drooped 2 more pounds this morning. FANTASTIC! OP all day today!!
Have a super day!

Re: On Program today Memorial Day 5/28

OOPS!! Yes, sometimes I'm droopy LOL! But I meant to say "dropped" 2 lbs.

Re: On Program today Memorial Day 5/28

This is the end of the 3 day weekend.

I got thru it 100% on program...........

I think the longer I'm on WW the easier it is, without any temptation......

So I think its clear sailing from now on, as to keep WW as my way of life....
I haven't swayed off it since Oct 3 06....

cakes, cookies, candy no longer appeal to me, and i'm very satified with WW ice cream treats. and I love the portion controlled type shopping and packaging thats so available to us and for us.......

Re: On Program today Memorial Day 5/28

I'm also OP today.....going to weigh in on wed...I don't think I'll have a gain but we will see...

Everyone is doing great!!!!!