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On Program today Tues 5/29

Its hot here, summer has finally sprung here at the beach..
Now is the time for alot of salad, which is what I had last nite.
I use chicken in mine, in a huge bowl, I buy Purdue or Tyson already cooked sliced and seasoned.
1 cup which is 4 points, 1/2 cup 2 points.

I use a lite dressing on it, either Kens Lite Bleu Cheese, or Kraft Lite 3 cheese (2 pts per serving,

I find it filling and its not heavy. and its only a 6 point meal............

I plan on a program day today.......

Re: On Program today Tues 5/29

I'm OP today and I'm going tothe park in a few mins to walk for 45 mins. Its very hot here too and the kids will be out of school this weekend for the summer and thats a new challenge to get some exercise with them. I will though.
I havent decided what to make for dinner yet.

Re: On Program today Tues 5/29

OP,AP and WI day. I feel good! Good luck all to the others who WI today and the rest of the week. Lorraine, i was just talking to my 14 yr old DD about that last night. When they were 7-8 yrs old,dragging them with me while i walked a local track. Now she is on OP with me and never hesitates when i ask if she wants to walk.

Re: On Program today Tues 5/29

I have to post on here to keep myself accountable. I did okay over the weekend until yesterday. I ate so much yesterday that I gave up writing it down. I am so ashamed of myself. It was good while I was eating it but the aftermath of guilt is terrible. I always tell myself to remember how this feels to try to prevent it from happening again, but here I am AGAIN after blowing it. Sigh.

Well, I walked this morning, and in all honesty, I am not hungry yet, so I haven't eaten. I will eat OP today, I will ride my bike, and I will not overindulge tonight. There I said it.


Re: On Program today Tues 5/29

Dear Ukisuki,

You are not alone. I too had an 'Again'! On Monday too!

But I too picked myself up and wiped myself off and continue on the path that I have chosen and KNOW is the right one! We learn from this and each time we veer off the road to success. this is a success for me! Getting back on track so soon is NEW and feels great! I don't have to feel the guilt any longer than "I LET MYSELF". I chose to go off, I chose to go back on.
I am where I need to be right now! And it feels so much better than were I have been not only weight wise, but thought wise. And decision making about returning to program asap!
Thank you for being so honest and helping me to be more accountable. I am on my summer of success self-challenge. I am doing what I set out to do. Small victories are still sucesses. Success is not always a number.


Re: On Program today Tues 5/29

Thank you JeanCat. You are so right that we make ourselves feel guilty and we can stop. Beating myself up doesn't change anything and just makes me feel worse. I have to remember that this is a learning experience and even if I slip up, but react differently and in a better way, than I have learned something and I am making progress.

The weight wasn't gained in one day, so the occasional derailmentisn't going to do me in. What will is to do it day after day.

I did ride my bike, like I said I would. Holding to the promises I made today.


Re: Re: On Program today Tues 5/29

That is a great attitude adjustment! Love it!