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Been lurking, love this site

Hi everyone, like I said I've been lurking for months and decided to join in. I too have been a WW on and off for years. I just rejoined last week and had my first weigh in today. I lost 10 l/4 lbs. The last time I joined I lost 115 lbs. gained a lot of it back and now here I go again. I love the support that's here and all the recipes. My normal weigh in day will be Mondays but went today because of the holiday. Thanks for this site Aimee, it's great.


Re: Been lurking, love this site

10 1/4!!! THATS AWESOME!!!

Re: Been lurking, love this site

Wow Laura, that is great. My youngest DD weighed 10 1/2 pounds at birth. at Tobe. She always makes great comparasions on how much weight someone lost. I guess a ButterBall Turkey could be 10 pounds.
This is a great site and we share alot of things.
Welcome to and nice to see You out of the lurking shadows.

Re: Been lurking, love this site

Welcome Laura

Holy smokes 10 1/4 in your first week,, you go girl.

lets see my puppy was 4.13 when I got her, so you just lost two puppies........

I'm happpy to see you came down off the rafters of lurking, hang out, stick around, and you'll just down in lbs...

This site makes us all very accoutable to each other.

Re: Been lurking, love this site

welcome Laura!!

Re: Been lurking, love this site

Thanks for all the congrats. I know most of that 10 1/4 lbs. is water weight, but I'll take it.

Re: Re: Been lurking, love this site

Weigh to GO Laura!!!!

10.25 lbs of Salt water gone! Yeah!

My cat weighed 8 lbs a year ago Memorial Day he was 2 yrs old and we got him from one of my hair salon clients. Now he is three and weighs 10.5 pounds!

GREAT loss!

Keep up the GREAT Work!
see less of you next week.

Glad you posted!

Jean Cat

Re: Been lurking, love this site

Hi Laura, glad you decided to join us....What a great weight loss the first week....you are off to a very good start...Keep us posted on how you are doing and jump right in anytime you would like....