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Review of WW Topic Week Ending June 9, 2007

Review of Topic Week ending June 9, 2007

Well I have to apologize for not getting this out to you earlier, and because of that my mind is not so sharp on memory of the details.
But I can tell you that the meeting was about learning our satiety level! Using a “Satisfaction Meter” for the Comfort Zone.

I took notes, but I cannot find them.

This meter is measured on a scale from 1 to 5.

You should try to stay comfortable: not too hungry or overstuffed; by staying within the high side of 2 to the low side of 4,
Or ohe three range.

If you are a 1 you are too hungry and 5 you are overstuffed....
You can use a horizontal bar and place the following on it.
1 = ravenous
2 = hungry
3 = satisfied
4 = full
5 = stuffed

Being too hungry will make you overeat when you finally get to food. Being too full teaches you to continue to eat until you feel full all the time, not to mention the calories and points you pack
on. Core or not!

So many meetings are about Flex that this was a good change of pace for CORE program users and for others to open up to The idea of using the scale to learn more about their bodies and comfort zones.

The Leader said that she noted that she was eating to stuff down feelings when she went on core, using the comfort zone meter.

She learned that whenever she wanted more food she would use the comfort Zone Meter. If she was a 1 or 4 or 5 she then would use the HALT method: Hungry, Angry, Lonely OR Tired to assess if she should really have the extra food even though she felt satisfied..

It was not long before HALT would always win. But in the beginning she also found SAD, Disappointed, embarrassed, jealous/envious, overly happy or celebratory, depressed, grieving/morning could all trigger her to eat just as HALT could. So she also used the same a meter for her feelings to gauge whether she should eat or not, when feeling like she wanted to eat but was a 3 (2 to 4) on the comfort zone meter. She combined the two meters, and she has kept off 50 some pounds for 10 yrs.

While the Comfort Zone alone will help many on Flex or core, using the HALT and or extended Feeling meter is the best combination for her. She believes we all need to get comfortable in our own skin and try which will work for us.

MOST of the meeting was on the Comfort Zone with many analogies.

Well I do hope that this will help some or all of you. It is important if you are on Flex or Core that you KNOW and FEEL whether or not you are actually hungry and should eat.



PS I invite you to add your interpretation of your leaders presentation and lesson learned at WW meeting OR your OWN interpretation!
Did your leader present the topic in a funny, more interesting or unusual way? Did you play a game or participate in a
Non-traditional way? Any and all comments are welcome. We all take home what we understood and NEED. So you may have another take on the topic/subject. Please feel free to share!

This is a meeting between meetings. Some times all we need to do is REFLECT by ourselves. Some of us do not get to meetings due to our schedules, family planned activities and because we cannot afford the meetings or believe that we get enough out of them to justify paying for them. This is a way for you to participate! So go ahead! Speak your mind! We won’t bite – Honestly!