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Wednesday, moving on and moving down!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great day so far. Don't forget to get out there and move it! Now is a great time to take up some swimming or tennis. Both are great forms of exercise and can be lots of fun. I plan to add swimming as part of my workout within the next week. It really does give you and all over workout and helps with toning as well.
I'm on my way to the gym and then after that to see all of the damage I have done in the last couple of weeks on the scale at WW. Ah, but it's a new week and I'm moving on and down this coming week! I'm tired of playing the yoyo game with the last bit of weight to get to goal. Keep me in your prayers as I have had a lot of trying things going on in my family and I need strength to get through them without falling off that wagon!
Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone!