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I left my mid-day WI hungry so I decided to stop by Zaxby's and eat lunch. I thought a grilled house salad would be very points friendly. NOT!! I should have researched before I went to lunch. That stupid salad was 18 points! Wow! Now I have 3 points left for the day with vacation bible school tonight. Not good. Well, instead of wailing about something already done, I am going to go earn some AP by swimming with my son. Have a great day everyone!

Re: Ouch!

ooooooooo ouch is right.

earn your AP so you can at least have something to eat tonite, also dig into your 35 flex points..

thats what they're there for......

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Re: Ouch!

What was on that salad that made it so many points? It really amazes me just how many points are in things where we least expect it...good thing you checked it out at least and are able to accomodate for all the points you never dreamed you were eating.


Re: Ouch!

Wow, and 18 point salad? Ouch does say it all. What's it made out of? Like already mentioned, don't forget you have 35 flex points. If you need to use some, use them. Don't starve yourself for the rest of the night.

Re: Ouch!

The main thing that made the salad so unfriendly point wise was the fried onions. I feel really stupid but I did not recognize the onions as I was eating them. I just knew there was something crunchy in the salad. Also, the cheese was not very friendly. I used light ranch dressing which was 3 points per pack (thank goodness I only used one pack). If you order the salad without the cheese and onions it is only ten points, so that is what I'll do next time. I did earn 4 AP yesterday afternoon in the pool. So I only had to use those and 3 flex points. So all in all, I learned from my choice and managed to stay OP. Thanks for all your support!

Re: Ouch!

Still, why is the salad so bad? Even w/o the cheese and onions...other salads are much less.

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