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Belly growls vs. STARVING

In one of ukisuki, last post she said;

"I just wanted to eat what I wanted to eat and the heck with the consequences. "

I have said that a million times when i wanted to eat just to eat, not because i am hungry.

The last 3 mights i wanted to EAT. Grsnted my belly was growling, this was right after exercising, i had no daily points left, but could use AP points and the flex points. Yet i do not want to get into that mind set of, "ok my belly is growling i am hungry( but,am i really) i will use my flex points or AP points. Cause if i do it once, i will start doing it all the time. I drank some water and wala, like magic those sounds went away and i went to bed. Granted this is at 11:00 pm at night and i had dinner so how "hungry" was i? I question myself, as if this is really hunger or a need for water. First time i ever really thought that there may be a difference between a belly growling and stsrving mode. Cause i was not starving..... So i felt soooooooooooo good, doing this 3 nights in a row.And i did not wake up famished. I can't let my belly control my brain, when i no i am not starving. I did think about eating a granola bar, but if i am THAT hungry, would a granola bar fill me up? Pftttt, nope, i may eat that and still be hungry, then what?

Its nice when a light bulb goes off and i finally think, i get it!!!