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Hi, Tobe- Do we have Akus's (Kim's) e-mail addee?
Does she know about the change in sites?
I'm sorry to hear about losing the old site, but this is surely better than nothing.

Re: Akus

i don't have her address.. but I'm sure Aimee does.

I did put up a thread on the ol board asking for email addys just in case the board went down, which it did.
I have just a few...
so I think its a good idea for everyone to list a contact email...

Re: Akus

You know what?
I just read your first post on the old board and Akus checked in, so I feel better now. Hi KIM!!!!
Thanks, Tobe.

Re: Akus

waves and wiggles my skinnier butt,

Hello All..........thanks LouAnne