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Ten ways to avoid Holiday weight gain

Just read a good article at Sparkpeople and would like a share a few ideas:
1 Keep your eye on the prize- a skinnier you!
2 Imbibe with caution- booze is loaded with calories
3 Don't go wild- drinking can cause you to lose sight of what you're eating.
4 Host your own party- you get to choose the healthier snacks and drinks to serve
5 Stay active- if you're too busy to do your regular workout-remember, some is better than none
6 Make the reservations- if you need to eat out- You choose the restaurant- points friendly
7 Choose to Lose!! It's your lifesyle, your choice.
Just because you always gained during the holidays before,it is not inevitable.
8 Just say no! Don't worry about hurting people's feelings. You have he right and the responsibilty to graciously say" NO THANK YOU, or "My plan does not include...." or, "I'm really very full", etc.
9 Prepare for the party- eat light all day, drink water before you eat, keep a diet drink in your hand.
10 Get support- call a friend, bring a friend with you to the party- or POST HERE!