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OP- Saturday February 16th

Well, the Valentine's candy got me... Little Guy brought me home a heart shaped cookie he made for me. I couldn't hurt his feelings, so I ate it. It was really good! Then DD came home with a TON of chocolate. She had won a guessing game and had this bucket of chocolate hearts. Well, I indulged in 5 bite sized pieces of candy, BUT... I stopped then! Woo Hoo!! It wasn't so lomg ago, that I would have decided that I had blown it and given myself permission to eat everything in the pantry and to dive head first into that bucket of chocolate. This time, I didn't do it. I tracked the points (I have plenty of WPA left) so it was no big deal. I am proud of myself.

So, I am OP today. No chocolate today. Not because I am punishing myself, but because I really don't want it. I got me chocolate fix yesterday, so I am set for awhile.