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WI Tues 5/13


Re: WI Tues 5/13

I may use my NW coupon this week!
Still no car or other forms of transportation.
Hope to get my car back tomorrow evening.

Re: WI Tues 5/13

I'm up .8 4 gains in the last 4 weeks..
know what it is no exercise, so therefore I hit the gym on my way back from WW...

still holding 3 solid lbs under goal...

Re: WI Tues 5/13

I can now handle the up and downs of the numbers, since i reached goal. I have accepted that it is what it is. Even when i was losing weight i never weighed the same week to week. I know i can't get away with eating more and exercising less,it don't work. If i do i will see the numbers go up.
Granted these past few weeks the way i have been working i really didnt do the daily exercises, but i ate 21 points and that was it. I did lose, but I was simply to busy and to tired to eat more.

Re: WI Tues 5/13

I'm using 22 points a day.. sometimes 1 or 2 more..

I also accept the gains, luckilly its never been more than a .8

This week I'm going to beef up the gym... get at least 3 days maybe 4 in...

so we'll see what the scale says next tues, and today our meeting was about exercise.. go figure.
Just what I needed to hear for today..

Re: WI Tues 5/13

jog, run, walk,lay down.. LOL... geesh I need a nap
after reading your workout Kim...