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OP - Wednesday May 14th

Up and at 'em!! Time to check in for another OP day.

I'm in. How about you?


Re: OP - Wednesday May 14th

Im up - not sure if Im at em yet LOL Get up at 5:30 to help my son catch his school bus - so early! Only 8 more days left of school for the term - then it's Summertime! I think Im more excited than the kids!

But early or not I am OP for another 24. Off to WI in a bit - catch you all later. Have a good one.


Re: OP - Wednesday May 14th


Re: OP - Wednesday May 14th

OP today. Yesterday at Gettysburg had to make some not perfect choices. Not terribly off program but still not perfect. Today will be better. I'm cooking supper for my son again tonight as his GF has her final exams tonight. I feel much better when I'm in control of the food.
Off to some antique shops today.


Re: OP - Wednesday May 14th

OP and hoping i get my car back. I have been off work since last Friday,before i was working way to much, now with the car issues i have had 6 straight days off, and with 5 of them i was scheduled to work.
I have not been told i have the job, though i been working it for 3 weeks. Before missing all this time i may have called off 4 times in 4 years, its just not me to call off work. I show up come hell or high water as they say.

Right now all i want is my car back!

Re: OP - Wednesday May 14th

I'm in for another.

Re: OP - Wednesday May 14th


Re: OP - Wednesday May 14th

Kim Iknow that feeling of no wheels it stinks!!!

I just got back from the gym and wonderful crapola Walmart, can't wait till Costco opens here at the end of the month.

full sun, so you know where I'm heading now for a few hrs.. of course the beach....

I'm op again today, and I'll do what I did yesterday and all the other yesterdays of 19 mo ago...

Re: OP - Wednesday May 14th

op for me. Having a great op day. weigh in tonight in about 1 1/2 hours.

Have a great nite all

Re: OP - Wednesday May 14th

yes, me too, OP too, even though I am checking in at the end of the day. Each day back on track is such a blessing. maajida