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Anybody seen anything good on DVD lately? Or anything that was terrible?

I just finished P.S. I Love You. IT was good. I also have 27 Dresses and Over My Dead Body.


Re: Movies?

DH just reminded me that we both really liked the movie Shattered with Pierce Brosnon. It is a suspense with lots of twists and turns. We watch 2 or 3 movies every week (Netflix) but I can never remember the names.


Re: Movies?

Dan in real life with Steve Carrol was very good and very funny. I also loved the dvd weeds from showtime tv series.

Re: Movies?

I second the Dan in Real Life. That movie was so funny.

Re: Movies?

For a more serious movie that beautifully filmed, try The Kite Runner. Not a true story but told really well. It was a novel that was adapted for the film. PG-13 that I would have given an R. (just so you are warned.)

I am going to try Shattered and Dan in Real Life.

Glad you started this thread.


Re: Movies?

Have to tell u that I enjoyed Dan last night with my DH. We have to watch it early in the morning or early in the evening to keep from sleeping through parts of movies. I am glad u made a comment about it. I will try the other one later. We started it in the evening when there is not much on and by the time it was over it was time for his regular programing. (He controls the remote)