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OP Sat 5/17

OP today and no sugar....

Re: OP Sat 5/17

OP with you.Dh working 2 full time jobs now ..real estate getting worse and he wont leave it. I'm working like crazy too. Mom got the kids and tonite after work I got 7 kids for a birthday sleepover. Dh will be a security guard over nite at the weekend today hes working 2 shifts. I hope things get better. I'm still op though.

Re: OP Sat 5/17

I'm OP today.

Re: OP Sat 5/17

Op over here too with a house full of kids! LOL

I did the trainer already, gave Scott, Mitch and Anna haircuts, helped Anna make a triorama of a wolf habitat, helped Anna write a paper about wolves, helped Wes research birds native to Ohio for a HUGE paper, and hit a yard sale this morning!!!

What a day!


Re: OP Sat 5/17

kinda op today went to a parade called tulip festival and had to have the funnel cake

have a good nite all