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OP- Tuesday May 20th

Boy, the board was slow yesterday! Everyone must have been really busy.

Anyway, another OP day over here. I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and has a good OP day today.


Re: OP- Tuesday May 20th

I'm here and OP. Hope everyone has a good day.


Re: OP- Tuesday May 20th

Op today. Was good then the salty potatoe chips got me. Busy today cleaning dentist shopping working.

Re: OP- Tuesday May 20th

wish I could say I've been op but I havent. Been working on laying concrete for a week now and have not been taking the time to make proper meals. Havent been able to stay away from the sweets either. hope I am able to do better tomorrow.

Re: OP- Tuesday May 20th

OP today...yes, Maaj