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OP- Thursday May 22nd

It was great to see so many more people posting yesterday. Here's hoping we all have a good day today!

I am off to the local medical college this morning. I am going to be a standardized patient! What I do is portray a patient with a specific medical condition and then different med students interview me and try to figure out what is wrong. Then I give feedback on how they did. I have never done this before, so this should be very interesting! I even make a little money doing it!

Have a good one!

Re: OP- Thursday May 22nd

Uki, that sounds like a great adventure. I remember how scary it was as a student nurse when we first actually worked with "real people". You are doing a good thing.
I'm OP and off to work.
Have a good day everyone


Re: OP- Thursday May 22nd

Op today. Hope everyone is enjoying being on ww like me.

Re: OP- Thursday May 22nd

Already at work and 100% OP! Have great day everyone.