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OP - Monday Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day and thanks from me to all of you who have served in the military or have loved ones that have served. What a sacrifice you have made for the rest of us. Thank you.

I am OP today. It is supposed to be warm today so I will ride my bike. I had hoped DH could ride with me, but he has been up all night with a stomach bug, so I think he better stay home. What a bummer to be sick on his day off! :(

I hope everyone has a good day. Anyone seeing a parade?


Re: OP - Monday Memorial Day

Op. No parades here. Went to the beach yesterday and it was great.

Re: OP - Monday Memorial Day

OP today. Leaving in a few minutes to drive 2 hrs. to possibly buy an enclosed trailer for DH antique car. Looks like a nice morning for a drive but showers in PM. No parades for us.
Memorial Day is always kind of special for me. My Dad was career Army. He served 22 years. Was in Korea and twice in Viet Nam. I was born in an Army hospital and traveled all over the world until I was a freshman in HS. The 3 years we lived in one spot were the longest we were anywhere. Dad has been gone for 29 years and today brings his memory closer.


Re: OP - Monday Memorial Day

no parades here in iowa but we will be enjoying some beatuiful weather. op

Re: OP - Monday Memorial Day

OP, yes, getting stronger from the struggles..Maajida

Re: OP - Monday Memorial Day

I'm OP today. Not doing anything special at all. Just home doing laundry.