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Off Plan...

Just to let you all know that we are all human. I was totally on plan all day and then tonight I was starving! I think it was because I rode 12 miles yesterday and rode the trainer longer today, but after dinner I ate 2 slices of lite bread with butter and peanut butter! Goodness that is a lot of points, but it was what I wanted. Just goes to show you we all slip up sometimes.

Back on the horse now.


Re: Off Plan...

I think I have had more off days than on lately. I always do good in the morning and then fall off after school or after supper. Tonight was my DD 6 th bday. Ate a supper of cream chicken sandwiches and some left over peas and corn and potatoes. Pretty good supper huh!! Until I munched on potatoe chips while I made supper. Even though I knew I was going to treat my self to a small sliver of ice cream cake. i still couldnt keep my hand out of the chips. It was like every time I told myself not to have one I would have two or three.

I tend to forget all the things I need to do when I get cravings. the chewing gum and drinking water first. those Ideas just dont come into my head till it is too late.

It is now 8 47 now and I will skip my night time fruit and coffee because I had cake. Start off fresh tomorrow.

Re: Off Plan...

Chelsie- Try to take it one meal at a time. We've all been there. They say that you should get things like chips out of the house, but I know the rest of the family might now appreciate it. Could you portion them into small bags when you buy them? Then if you decide you want chips you would at least have a smaller bag to eat out of. Keep trying and keep posting


Re: Off Plan...

Hey Chelsie, I buy either the Ruffles FF Chips made with Olestra (because you can have 15 for 1 pt, or close to that) then when I want my hand in the bag I actually get tired of the chips before I hit 10 points! I keep them on hand just in case.