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Thread reorganization

Okay, I have gone back over all the posts and here are my thoughts. Please feel free to add your 2 cents and jump in to volunteer. Also, if I ask for your help, please feel free to say, "No," if it would be too burdensome for you! :)

I will be more than willing to start the Daily Commitment thread each day. I also am happy to do the weekly execise accountability thread. Is that okay with everyone?

Chelsie volunteered to handle the weigh in threads. I am afraid I do not have a list of who weighs in on what days, so Chelsie, feel free to post and have us let you know. It is also up to you if you want to do a weekly summary as well, or just do daily weigh-ins.

Carrie, would you be willing to start a thread of some kind for food finds, websites, helpful tips? What do you guys think of something like that? I think a daily post of some kind is easier to navigate as opposed to a weekly one where we get tons of posts. But this is up to everyone to decide.

Now, I had a couple other thoughts. We kicked around a recipe kind of thing. Could that be added to Carrie's post or should it be its' own thing?

Also, this is a big one. I think we need a thread, at least from time to time, for when we struggle. Should that just be something that someone starts when they need it or should it be a regular thing? I see it both ways. No sense in starting it if no one needs it, but on the other hand, if struggles aren't posted regularly, it appears that no one is struggling and could make someone feel like they are all alone in their struggles. So I guess I need some feedback on this. Maybe someone could volunteer to start a thread with encouragement, and that thread could be used also for struggles????? Ideas???? Help! LOL

What other threads do you all think would be helpful and is there anyone else who would be willing to help?

Any and ALL feedback would be so greatly appreciated.


Re: Thread reorganization

Oooo OOoooo Ooooo. I had another thought! Carrie has mentioned about information from meetings for those that do WW online. I also am not a meetings person, so is there anyone who does attend meetings who could do a weekly post to share the information from their meeting with the rest of us?


Re: Thread reorganization

Uki - sure, count me in, I'll help! This site has helped me so much, so I'll help with some threads. How about I do a thread with FoodFinds/Sites/Tips and a different one for Recipes? I have tons of recipes I could share and if I run out I'll just borrow one from another site. Of course, anyone who has one to share could always add to the thread.

Anyone got in other ideas to make this work or a better suggetion??

Re: Thread reorganization

Sounds like a plan, Carrie! Thank you so much for pitching in. You rock!


Re: Thread reorganization

Uki, I can try to post about the topic at meetings. Occasionally I have to miss but for the most part I'm there every week.


Re: Thread reorganization

I can add to the meetings and the recipes. Is there any other thing I could do to help? OR I could do the struggles or successes thread. Maybe start weekly and see if it gets too long.

What do you think?

Re: Thread reorganization

I think these are great suggestions. As for the food finds and recipies I think it would be a good idea to keep them seperate. It would be easier to navigate them I think.

Pat it you miss a meeting let me know and I will post it for that week. I usually attend and our meeting tonight was the same as yours.

As for a struggles/ succes thread I think it is great. Particually if you had a hard one you got through, let us know it might just help us tomorrow. As for the struggles I have found the more I post about it the smaller that struggle seems and I handle the next day better. So we just need to reach out when we need the help, Because I sure know it exists here. You have all helped me a great deal.

You all have a great night


Re: Thread reorganization

You guys are the best!!

Patty, you are in charge of the weekly meetings thread.

Lisa, thank you for volunteering for the struggles thread. It is all yours! :)

I cannot get over how great it is to see everyone pulling together to keep this board rolling.

That just makes my day!


Re: Thread reorganization

Uki, and you make my day...thanks so much to you for getting us all organized and for everyone who is helping by starting threads or just coming out of the woodwork to help us all see that struggles are just sometimes part of the journey. I am so glad to see all these wonderful ideas for revitalizing us here and helping us continue even more effectively than before. I would hate to lose this wonderful supportive place. maajida

Re: Thread reorganization

Awwwwww, thanks Maaj! You are so kind!

Re: Thread reorganization

Thanks for all of your hard work keeping this site going! A big thanks to everyone else who is going to pitch in and help!!!!!