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WW meeting topic

Let's see if I get this down before my weary brain gives out.
We talked about how everyone did over the holiday weekend with parties and picnics. Some did quite well, taking salads and their own meat to the picnic. Others had problems with the quanity of food, esp. desserts. Some suggestions were to scan the entire food table before taking any food. Decide ahead which foods you will take. For desserts it was suggested that you pick one or two and take a very small portion (the famous line "the first and last bite taste the best" ).
The leader asked for a commitment to attend meetings during the summer since so many seem to slack off and then return in the fall with a gain. Also commit to yourself that the weigh in after Labor Day will be a loss over the summer. Somehow making that concrete date seemed to strike people as a good thing.
This meeting is not the one I usually attend and the leader seems to do his own thing so I'm not sure what the official subject of the week is. If I find out anything more I'll add it.
I attended a different meeting on Sat. and got a good tip that I have yet to try.
When talking about foods on the grill one woman said that she has eaten a grilled carrot that gets put in a bun like a hot dog and it is very good.
Take a large carrot (regular size not the mini) and steam or micro it until just barely done. Put in bowl or bag with FF Italian dressing and let marinate several hours or overnight. When ready to serve put on grill to heat up and get grill marks on it. She didn't say what they serve on the sandwich but I'm not sure I would want ketchup and mustard, maybe Salsa?
I bought some carrots today and think I'll try it one day soon. I'll let you know how it is.


Re: WW meeting topic

That carrot sandwich sounds interesting, and kind of weird. Let me know if it's any good.

Re: WW meeting topic

Thank you for the heads up, Patty! We can always use good tips.