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Daily Commitment Thread - 5-30-08

Good morning! Happy Friday to you and yours.

It sounds like everyone is doing well with choices and exercise. All those good habits add up, so let's make it another good day.

Mitch has kindergarten graduation (Awwwwwwww) this morning. My baby is growing up. Anna goes to the zoo for her school field trip. Then this afternoon Mitch and I are off to the eye doctor for our yearly exams. Mitch also gets to pick out new glasses, and he is sooooooo excited. He says he wants some with "rectangle shapes." LOL

I will post more later - I need to get the kids and Scott off to school.

Oh! Op for me!! LOL


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 5-30-08

Just at quick note before I'm out of the house. OP all the way. I have to stay off the scale every day. The numbers are all over the place and usually up. Even with all the fiber and water still can't get things moving (I know TMI)
I've been planning a surprise party for DH and yesterday an e-mail ended up in the wrong place and he saw the invitation, so much for the surprise but we'll have a good party anyway.
Have a good day everyone.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 5-30-08

Yes, Patty, stay off the scale everyday. You will just drive yourself nuts. Water weight, bathroom habits, etc., really can mess things up. Once a week in enough, and remember that sometimes the scale doesn't move, but if you are exercising (and I know you are) you are gaining muscle and losing inches.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 5-30-08

so glad to come here and post about continuing the OP committment. Lots of stress here with work and family but am keeping my committment and know that the better OP care I take of myself, the better I will feel and the stronger I'll be to give support to those around me. Have also been staying away from the scale and not obsessing on the numbers...trying to turn my attn to how much better my body, mind, and soul feel when OP. Take care and have a good OP day, everyone. maajida

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 5-30-08

I'm in for another. Got lots to do today with it being month end. I got up on the scales today and I think I'm gonna have a loss to report on Sunday (I couldn't wait). That is if I don't blow it tomorrow at my cousins graduation cookout. I plan on taking my boca burger and 1 pt. bun though, so I have a plan. I'm also in charge of a side dish so I'll be making something I can eat. Might just make that recipe I posted yesterday. It's always a hit at cookouts. Have a great day everyone!

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 5-30-08

I'm OP today, plan on keeping points low early in the day, my son's baseball playoffs begin tonight, so there's no telling when/where we will end up for dinner.
I do stay away from the consession stands though, I usally pack celery sticks, salsa and bottled water in my cooler.

Have a great OP Day everyone!

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 5-30-08

Doing quite well for a friday. This is the first friday since January I have had to work so that kinda sucks. But the window market had to pick up sometime:)

Did awesome this morning then someone brought muffins really good large homemade muffins. I passed them up and ate my lt bagel. Then after break I walked passed them and my hand just reached out at grabbed one.

I wrapped it up, let it sit there for 15 minutes. Finally opened it up took 2 small bites then mushed it up and threw it away. To tell you the truth it was good but my bagel satisfied me alot more. So catastrophe avoided.

Did the same when offered chocolate ice cream at the babysitters when I picked up my kids. Had a small bite and that was it.

Tonight is my dd birthday with here friends she is six now and growing up faster than I probley want her too. I will eat before the party so I am not tempted to eat at it.

You all have a great day I'm off to the park