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Thought for the Day

Sometimes I think we tell ourselves "you should always be moving forward" or to us down the scale. But something Uki said make me stop and think tonight.........It isn't possible to ALWAYS move forward, it is 2 steps forward 1 step back. We WILL NOT be perfect in our endeavors but we ARE making progress. It may not always be scale progress, it can be in other ways.

The importance is in the continuous effort. That being said, keep moving forward!

Re: Thought for the Day

Good words of wisdom, Lisa!!

I look at my kids as good examples of people and how they learn. When my kids learned to walk, it took some time. They tried, fell down, got up, tried again. They had days they walked a lot and then had days they didn't seem to have it in them and wanted to be carried. In times of an unfamiliar situation, they sometimes went back to crawling because it was familiar and safe.

This isn't so different - we are changing old habits and it takes time. It can be hard, scary, and frustrating. We encounter unfamiliar situations. But little by little, we get stronger and it gets easier. We will get to the point where we "walk" without even thinking a thing about it...

Just my 2 cents for the day!


Re: Thought for the Day

Thank you both for your words. The thoughts are well put and very much needed by me at this time. I look at the graph of my weight loss and don't see the tiny blips of gains, instead I look at the overall trend of the line going down.


Re: Thought for the Day

well said everyone. my first time on weight watcher I stayed on track for months off the bat and then fell off gradually. This time around it has been peaks and valleys all the way since febuary. But I feel much better about it this time around. last time was just my honeymoon period my leader told me. Now your married to it. The longer you am with it the more you will get used to it just being part of your life.

Re: Thought for the Day

Very well said Chelsie! People were commenting on my 80 lb. loss this weekend and asking me "how long have you been on your diet." It's no longer a "diet"...I changed the way I eat. Do I indulge on occasion..sure...but I don't have those habits everyday anymore like I used to. I'm "married" to this lifestyle change.