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Sunday Weigh In

I'm going ahead and starting the thread; I didn't see it if someone started it.

I lost .5 this week which bring me to.........80 lbs. gone!!

WOOHOO for me!

Good luck to all who face the scale this week.

Re: Sunday Weigh In

sorry was up late last night by the campfire and slept in this morning.

uki your'e up

Re: Sunday Weigh In

Maintained today. Still 14 pounds under goal. Woo Hoo!

Good job, Carrie!!


Re: Sunday Weigh In

Carrie- Way to go. Can't wait till I can say 80 # gone.
Uki- love to hear of maintainence going well for people


Re: Sunday Weigh In

way to go carrie that is a huge accomplishment