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Daily Commitment Thread - 6-2-08

Happy Monday! This is the last week of school for my kids and DH, so there are a lot of happy people over here.

Wes has his school field trip today and he asked a girl he likes to sit with him on the bus!! He is almost 13 now - I guess I have to face up to the fact that he is growing up. Sigh. I know the girl he asked and she is sweet. Oh, and she did agree to sit with him too!!

My plans for the day are to tackle some cleaning and to get a bike ride in before Mitch gets home. This isn't too busy of a day, which is good, because the rest of the week looks pretty crazy!

OP no matter what, though. What is everyone else up to today?


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-2-08

Back to work for the whole week. i am about ready to look for another job. I am just sick of the drive and the long hours in the summer.
After work we have DD tball game and then I think a nice sitting around nite. Definitly early to bed tonight. last night go pretty late

see you all after work
op for me

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-2-08

Good morning everyone...I will have trouble getting to our site here for a few weeks....will be back after June 17th. - going to Hawaii on Thursday for our 40th. wedding anniversary. It doesn't seem real yet, but both dh and I are so much in need of some quiet time away together...lots of stress with family and work issues and I won't believe we're there till I see that ocean, lol. I am determined to be OP while there...not deprivingly so, just balanced and focused on continuing recovery from relapse and on increasing my health and fitness. Have a good few weeks, everyone, and take good care of yourselves....I will miss this daily committment, but I will do that every day in my heart. Maajida

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-2-08

I am at work and OP, did shopping over the weekend to re-stock my desk with healthy, low point munchies, stocked the freezer with Smart Ones, so I'm good to go at work as well as at home.
Baseball for my son is now over, so our weeknights will be a bit more predictable and that should make it much easier to stay OP for dinner too!
Have a great day everyone.

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-2-08

Maajida how exciting. I'm sure you will do fine staying OP. Just get out and walk on the beach to earn some AP. Relax and enjoy yourself. You are a couple years ahead of us. We will be 38 years in Nov. If we do a trip for our 40th it's likely to be Alaska. We want to drive from NY to Alaska some day.

Chelsie, hope you can find a job that gives you more time with your family. Sometimes it might be better in the long run to take something closer to home even if for a little less pay.

Uki, enjoy the kids while they are young. It's often said but they do grow up before you know it. My son is 33.

I suceeded yesterday at the party. I had one slice of veggie pizza, veggie salad and fruit salad. The only thing I "cheated" on was I licked the frosting off my fingers after serving the cake. I did have a small dish of ice cream but I bought the Bryers Free fat ftee icecream (which is wonderful) so that was only 1 point. I feel much better today than I did last week after endulging in the cake at a party.
I'm off to the gym now. OP all the way.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-2-08

Well, I'm on vacation this week. Haven't really decided what all I plan to acomplish this week but I plan on a nap today since I was up until 1 this morning.

I'll be OP though!

I'll try to have a recipe or something to post later on today. Have great OP day everyone!