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Daily Commitment Thread - 6-3-08

Good morning! It sounds like many of us had a good day yesterday. That is great news, so let's keep it going for today. I am OP for another one.

Let's see, today I am home for the most part. Wes has an appointment at 4p, and while he is there, I will do some errands with the other 2 kids. I try to combine as many trips as possible to save on gas.

It is supposed to rain here in the afternoon, so I plan to get my bike ride out of the way this morning.

Have a good one!


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-3-08

I'm in for the day. Thought I'd walk this morning with DH and his walking buddies but the weathermen, as usual, were wrong and the rain will be here earlier than they said. The guys walk in all weather but don't think I'm up to walking in the rain. Have a lunchtime picnic for my quilt club today. I've made a pasta salad that I know I can eat so should be OK.
Everyone have a good day.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-3-08

I had a good OP day yesterday. My son's pulmonologist called with his allergy testing from last month and low and behold, he's allergic to dust mites. So, yesterday I spent the whole afternoon cleaning his room from top to bottom and washing bedding/curtains...the whole nine yards. It's already raining here so I think I'll spend the day doing laundry and possibly try to walk on the TM this afternoon.

Have a great OP day everyone.

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-3-08

I'm OP today. I got up and first thing did a two mile walking dvd with Leslie Sansone, I just love her. I am one of those people who HATES to exercise. I have vowed to myself that I'm going to try to do this or another dvd 4 to 5 times a week. So, here's to exercise.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-3-08

At work and OP. I don't how familiar anyone here is with the website - Hungy Girl - but I check it out everyday. I had seen this recipe a while back and picked up the stuff this weekend to make it, I just had some and man is it GOOD!

12 oz. package of Broccoli Slaw - (I found this in the same section where you would find bagged broccoli, cauliflower, etc. - NOT by the regular bagged coleslaw

1/2 cup Newmans Low Fat Sesame Ginger Salad Dressing

Mix and let sit a couple of hours - 4 servings - 1 point per serving.

I added a few sliced almonds and mandarin oranges (make sure to adjust points) REALLY REALLY GOOD!

Have a great OP day....

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-3-08

Laura, congrats on the commitment to exercise. I don't know if I could walk to a DVD. I have enough trouble getting myself to walk outside or on the treadmill. Keep up the good work.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-3-08

Kim that recipe sounds really really good, thanks for sharing!

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-3-08

hey everyone better late than not at all.

Had a busy busy day today. 10 hour shift at work so I get home at 6 then I cleaned out the fridge and made left overs for supper. After that is baths and tonight I cleaned out all the winter clothes out of the drawers because I didnt have enough room in them for all the clothes. That took the rest of my short night but at least I could put away all the piles sitting on my kitchen counter.

Laura, Leslie's videos is exactly how I started to excersize before I got my treadmill. It was easy to follow, I could do it in the privacy of my own home, and it really made me work up a sweat. I hope this helps you as much as it did me. Way to go on settting a goal of so many times per week. You should join us on the exercize thread, It really helps keep accountable.

Well 10 hour shifts all week and 4 on sat. as of right now. I will try post as much as possible.

good night