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WI Thursday June 5


Re: WI Thursday June 5

up 1 #. The clerk who weighed me in was really nice. She had told the woman ahead of me that since this was the first really hot, humid day we've had that she might be retaining water. When it was my turn I said "I can't blame it on water retention". I mentioned that I had just come from the gym and that I usually weigh in the AM. She told me that you weigh more after working out and of course it is later in the day. She said now you have 2 reasons for the gain. Much nicer that some of the clerks that I've heard about who make rude comments when someone gains.
When she said you gain after working out she told me that they had a kickbox instructor who weighed in and then after her class came back and weighed 3# more. Guess I'll be sure to weigh in before going to the gym.