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Anyone considering or have had surgery??

Ok, I know I've lost 80 lbs. It's come off in my face, shoulders, bum, legs, arms, hands...everywhere except for my tummy. I've whined about his before, but when is it going to come off?? If it wasn't for this problem area, seriously, I'd be in a size 10-12 right now...and that was my goal all along. Didn't care what I weighed, just wanted to fit into size 10 and if I kept losing, then all the better.

I've been doing a lot of research on tummy tucks and I've even found a surgeon in Indianapolis. I've not made any appts. yet, but I'm really close to making a consultation.

I watched a program awhile back and it had lots of well known trainers on there talking about the fact that you can do crunches until the cows come home, but it won't firm your abs...they claimed the key was solely through diet--low/no carb and that would get rid of belly fat. Well, I've been low carbin it since several months now due being insulin resistant, and I'm still not seeing the weight come off there. People tell me all the time how great I look, but when I look in the mirror I hate looking at this area. Not to mention, it's keeping me from doing some of the things I love, like swimming with friends/family and so forth. Not that I want to parade around naked...but you know!

So, anyone got any thoughts? I still have about 35 more lbs to go and most of it is in this problem area? Give it more time? Bit the bullet and go buy me some happiness?? Anyone else had surgery? Thoughts?

Re: Anyone considering or have had surgery??

If you've ever been on the Weightwatchen.com website you will find that Roni has had a tummy tuck and includes pics and a write up all about it. She is now getting ready to have more surgery. I say if it makes you feel better, do it. But check into what she says, she's been through it.

Re: Anyone considering or have had surgery??


I've checked out her photos and I've even emailed her some questions. Still waiting on her reply. Just wondered if anyone on here had gone through it.

Re: Anyone considering or have had surgery??

I just want to say, "Congratulations, Carrie! That is
a huge accomplishment to lost all that weight!"


Re: Anyone considering or have had surgery??

I see pros and cons. It is major surgery and that would scare me. Reading about Roni's surgery and the wound drains and all, made me not even consider it, but.... that is me and I am a big chicken! LOL I say, if it is something you want, definitely read up on it, get a consultation, and then make an informed decision. I think Roni looks amazing, so I can certainly see why she did it. :)


Re: Anyone considering or have had surgery??

I say the same......but I also think you could see what happens after the 35 lbs come off, it may be more enjoyable without the surgery. I have big thighs that will ALWAYS TOUCH and it would be nice to have them slimmed down and sucked out so I would wear a bathing suit without shorts one day, but I think my body is like this and I need to love it. However my sister is looking into a tummy tuck after she looses her baby weight because of her C-sections...she has a pouch that will never go away. And maybe yours won't either. Loosing that much weight is a lot of skin to shrink down. Just make sure you're doing it for the right reason, to make yourself feel better, not to make yourself look better around other people. Make sense?