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Silly question, I try to get my oils in everyday, if I don't add it to my salad dressing, I try to make a small back of popcorn on the stove with my "whirly popper" (I love that thing) anyway, I use only 2 tsp. of oil and 1/4 popcorn kernels. Any idea how many points, my Dad bought me a HUGE bag at Sam's club (I think I have enoughtpopcorn kernels to last a life time, ha ha). I didn't get the nutr. value. Thanks for the help.

Re: Popcorn

Susie- welcome to the group don't think I've seen you here before (but my memory isn't too good)
For nutritional info check out calorieking.com. I just put popcorn in the search box and you can pick the way it's fixed and the amount and get the NI.
Popcorn seems to be a very confusing item to figure out.


Re: Popcorn

Oh, the saga of popcorn... Fitday might be able to help too. Is there an 800 phone number on the package that you could cal for nutrition info? I would think if you counted the points for the oil, and then got the nutritional info for 1/4 cup unpopped popcorn from fitday, you could figure the points.