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Daily Commitment Thread - 6-7-08

Good morning! I trust everyone had an awesome day yesterday!

I had a good one. Got the kids to the eye doctor, picked up Mitchell's new glasses. He is my almost 6 year old, and has worn glasses for a year now. Last year, I picked out his frames because he was so upset about getting glasses that he wouldn't choose any frames. He got these Harry Potter type glasses and looked as cute as a button. He got such compliments on them, and after he had them and realized how much better he could see, he decided he loved his glasses. Well, this year he got it into his head that he wanted frames with a rectangular shape. He is so little, and we tried on all the smallest frames and none looked as nice as his old glasses, but he had his heart set on these recatngular ones. So... I let him get them. LOL He looks a little goofy, but he loves them and is so happy. Oh well! I am not the one who has to wear them, huh?

Wes picked up his frames too and Anna still doesn't need glasses.

I stopped by Wal-Mart and pciked out a new watch for Scott for Father's Day. His broke, so this is a good gift.

I did ride my bike yesterday, and stuck to my meal plan, until... The kids had chocolate cgip cookies, and I did eat all my activity points and 2 more in cookies last night. Oops. I guess that is what they are for though, huh? It was fine, really. I had the points for them and I stopped at that point instead of letting it turn into a free for all.

So today we pick up these skateboard ramps for Wes. They are amazing! This father and son built them. The are 1/4 pipes for those who are familiar with skating. We have to borrow a trailer to pick them up, they are so big. Wes is thrilled!

Scott and I will take a bike ride later too.

Oh, my father in law is home now with visiting nurse in place. I plan to call my MIL at least 2 times a day to check on her. She wants a lot of contact right now. We will try to get over there as soon as possible too.

What are your plans?


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-7-08

Good morning. OP today without question. I had planned on going for a walk with DH and his regular walking buddies but at 7AM it was already 80 and about 100% humidity. Think I'll do laundry and maybe a little house cleaning instead. Then off to the sewing room. I am selling at a craft show next weekend and still need to make a few more bags to sell. No really big plans for the rest of the weekend.
Uki, good luck with your in-laws. It definately a whole family affair when one is ill. I'm sure you MIL will appreciate your help


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-7-08

That's what happened to me, too! I had hoped to walk
this morning before it became so hot, but I guess I
wasn't motivated enough to get up at 4:00 A.M. :-) It
will just have to wait until the sun goes down this
evening. That is what we tried last night, but we let
ourselves be interrupted by visiting a bit with the
visiting parents of some neighbors. We will have to
carry a flashlight with us this time just in case.

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-7-08

We had the city fair today (small town of 3,000) and it was a ton of fun. My 5 year old daughter and I were in the parade then performed at the fair (good exercise). I stayed OP today even looking at all the fair food. It was a fun day. We stayed and rode rides with the kids and had a really good time.

I was starving but made a really good decision. We walked around until I found Corn on the Cob BBQ'd without butter and ate that then found a pulled pork sandwich (without sauce). It was so good and SO CORE! I only had to count points for the burger bun.

That is a step up for me making a good decision like that!

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-7-08

oh waht a busy busy day it has been again.
Had to work from 6-10 this morning. Got a speeding ticket on the way home whooops:) Then came home and went out to look at all the places the big sioux is flooding around our area. After that bob and I hauled some rock.

For supper we went out to the local state park where my sister had come to camp for the night so we had supper and a campfire when her, her husband and their kids. They live about 2 hours away so it was great they came this way to see us. Went rolling down the hill with the kids. Boy I have forgotten how dizzy you get doing that!! Cant say I made the best op choices today but I did control the junk food quite well. I more went over on the porkchops for supper. I also tried asparagus for the first time it was very good and I look forward to making myself at home now!!

Hope you all had a good night