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3-4 Point Blizzard (in honor of Summer)

Here's a good one I found on another WW board. Thought you all would like this one.

Picked up a great recipe at my meeting today. At 3-4 pts per serving it sure beats the 15+ pts from Dairy Queen! I had a box of Pistachio pudding in the closet. OH MAN was it ever good. And green for St. Patricks Day! ENJOY!


Yield 1 serving = 3 pts*
Satisfies 1 milk serving

1/2 oz (2 T) sugar free, fat free any flavor Jello Brand Instant Pudding Mix (The blizzrd is 4 pts if you use a store brand. I don't know why)
1 cup skim milk
1 cup ice

In a blender mix the pudding mix powder and the milk. After it is completely blended add the 1 cup of ice. Blend until ice is thoroughly incorporated. Enjoy one HUGE tasty treat!

* - Add the points accordingly if you add additional ingredients such as crushed candy bars, nuts or cereal to your blizzard.

Re: 3-4 Point Blizzard (in honor of Summer)

You know... (evil thoughts here) you could add a crushed up 100 calorie pack of chips ahoy or oreo or candy bar to this and really jazz it up. But that would add another 2 points.... Just a thought.

Re: 3-4 Point Blizzard (in honor of Summer)

Uki girl!! I love how you think!!

Re: 3-4 Point Blizzard (in honor of Summer)

OMG!This is a cool delicious treat!THANK YOU!