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OK, I've been a little blue these last two days but I have to share my good news. I went shopping and was able to comfortably zip (no elastic!!) up a skirt in a size 12!!!! Tried on another and it was a 12. Went to a different store and another 12 fit!!! I was thrilled!! That means since Jan. 2007 I've went from a 22 to a 12. I was more than broke but hey...gotta clothe myself so I just whipped out my plastic and bought me those skirts! Woohoo!!

Onward and downward I say!!

We really ought to figure out a way for all of us who want to to share some pics of ourselves. I'd love to see how far everyone has come. We used to have that Circle of Friends on the other board, but I don't think it's around anymore. Anyone interested in sharing some before/after or before/now photos?? I'd be willing...thoughts from the gang???

Re: Woohoo!!!

Oh Carrie!! That is such awesome news! You go girl and I am so glad you treated yourself to some new clothes. You deserve it!!


Re: Woohoo!!!

way to go carrie. I would love to share pics but I'm not very computer savvy

Re: Woohoo!!!

Congrats Carrie...that's awesome!

Your right you do have to have clothes that fit, but remember to not spend too much, because before you know it you'll need a size 10!!!!!!

Re: Woohoo!!!

Carrie, congrats on your new size. Doesn't it feel great to get into new sizes? I'm too cheap to buy new clothes. I've taken to shopping at Goodwill. Got some Eddie Bauer jeans for $4. Maybe if I get into a size 12 I'll treat myself to "new" clothes.


Re: Woohoo!!!

LOL Patty! I buy everything used too - no new clothes for me unless my mom buys them. I am the queen of hand-me-downs for me and the kids.

Re: Woohoo!!!

Carrie, you ROCK! I know that feeling of a smaller size, back when I lost over 100 lbs. I know that feeling will come again one day when I get serious about this. Way to go, you definitely deserve some new skirts

Re: Woohoo!!!


They were actually on sale so I didnt' pay full price.

I really should go to more thrift stores/Goodwill. I love to go, but never seem to find much for me though. I have an aunt though who always finds brand new stuff, very stylish, and she never buys anything new, ever...I just don't have that kind of luck. I need to go with her!!

Re: Woohoo!!!

That is awesome Carrie, I would love to share pictures it would be fun! GREAT JOB!

Re: Woohoo!!!


Super! Just let me know what your email address is. Mine is carriejdean@aol.com

Anyone else is welcome to see my results too, just let me know and in next day or two I'll load some pics and send your way.