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Daily Commitment Thread - 6-9-08

Well, it is official as of today. I am now the mom of a teenager. Ahhhhhhhhh!! LOL Today is Wesley's 13th birthday. Wow!

So, today is a grand day. It is scott's last day of work (he is a teacher), and Wes' and Mitch's birthday pasrty. Mitchie's birthday is the 15th, but in the interest of being practical, we have the party on the same day.

I plan to ride my bike before it gets too hot and then clean the house and make the cake.

I did take Mitch to the doctor yesterday. It isn't strep, but he did have a sinus infection so he is on an antibiotic. He didn't wake me through the night for advil for his fever, so hopefully, he is on the mend today. He should be up in an hour or so.

What are your plans? I hope everyone is beating the heat. We have the a/c on round the clock...


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-9-08

up and at em bright and early . off to another long work week. Lets hope it goes better than the last. Will get off a little early tonight because my youngest has Tball. Always fun to watch that age group. They just love to play its not competetive yet. Got a roast in the crock pot for a easy supper and then maybe a little more out side work tonight. Yesterday we got our sandbox built, and put more landscaping timbers around the house. It is really starting to look good.

Well see you all tonight


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-9-08

I normally weigh on Friday's but always sneak a peak at the scale on Mondays...you know, after the weekend, and low and behold I dropped .5, so that puts me at 4 away from goal...it's a great motivator to start the week...so I am at work and OP!

Here's to a great week!

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-9-08

Good morning. Just back from a 2 1/2 mile walk with DH and neighbor. They kept walking and will finish the 3 1/2 mile square as they do every day. Decided not to drive into the Y today so walking will have to do for exercise. Off to the sewing room. Craft show is Sat. and I still want to make a few more purses. I should clean the house but sewing is so much more satisfying. I hate to think what our electric bill will be this month. AC has been on non stop since Thurs. Heat is supposed to break tomorow.
OP today without fail. Made an interesting dinner last night. Marinated portabella mushrooms and steamed whole carrots in FF Italian dressing. Cooked them on the grill. Made sandwiches from the mushrooms and tried a carrot sandwich. Heard about grilled carrot sandwiches at a WW meeting. I guess they sell them at a farmer's market. The sandwich (on Flatout wrap) wasn't too bad. I could almost convince myself that it was a hot dog. I would suggest carrots that are close to the same size the whole length. Lightly steam in micro then marinate. The ones I made were really thick at the end and it was a little more crunchy than I wanted.
Strawberries are being picked here. Had our first of the season yesterday. We will probably have a quart a day all month. It is a bit expensive at $3.50/qt. but it is our splurge.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-9-08

I'm a little late posting today. I've been OP so far. I have a drs. appt at 5:30 later. I took my son shopping for some more summer clothes this afternoon. He's had a big growth spurt this spring. Found some good bargains at Target for him, so he's set for a bit.

It sure is hot here! Have great day everyone.