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I had a huge success for my self today. Couldnt wait to get home and post it. You know how everyone has different triggers. Well one of mine is when someone brings treats to work. You see everyone else eating and you just want it!! Well today we had doughnuts because a supervisor is leaving our line. I totally passed them up and stuck with my yogurt and sf pudding. I was so proud of my self. i had been worried about it because I knew they would be comming. But they didnt announce it in the morning like they usually do so I didnt even see them till break. I was so proud of myself. I just said nope I dont need it. It might hinder my chances of hitting 10% tommorow.

Anyone else conquer a trigger lately. Even the little ones all add up in the end.

see you later


Re: Success!!!!!

Congratulations, Chelsie!! Each day brings its own
brand of "triggers." Sometimes it just seems like a
constant challenge. Then, there are days when those
temptations don't even seem appetizing. Those are
the days I like to have. :-) You had great focus and
determination today!


Re: Success!!!!!


That's what I call willpower! Donuts are one of my weaknesses. Good for you for keeping your focus. I hope you get your 10%!

Re: Success!!!!!

That shows that you've made this a way of life not just a diet. Congratulations.