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Hi Everyone

Just checking in. It's been quite a while.
Wanted to let you know that I'm in my third month of maintenance, and have been at or below my goal the whole time.
It is a struggle most days to stay OP, but the compliments I get, the way I feel so energized, and the stylish new clothes are SO WORTH IT!!!
Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. It's TRUE!!!!
I wish I had time to check this site every day.
Good luck to those of you who still have a way to go to get to your goal. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
Sending my love and hugs to all- new and regulars.

Re: Hi Everyone

Hi there!! Boy it is good to hear from you.

Definitely check in when you can and post if you have a minute. We are trying to get more regulars involved. The more support we have the better.